A Little About Felia

Introductions are called for!

I am Felia, a little derivative of my not-really middle name, Cecilia.  I am one of those kids that never had a middle name, but lucky for me, I got to choose one for myself in my later years. (OK, I was 16, and I was in a Simon & Garfunkle phase.)

Where to start?  I like an eclectic mix of things; I am not your typical girly-girl.  I don’t like pink (unless it is in my steak); I was never a cheerleader; and I hate, loathe, detest modern-day romance novels.  (I am, however, a complete sucker for anything Bronte or Austen. Something about a dude and the moor.)

Back in the day, when I was forced to go to college by my parents who had nothing but good intentions for me, I decided to earn a degree in English Literature.  For some silly reason, Mom and Dad thought a Real College Degree would somehow enable me to be rich.  In earning said degree, I had a chance to test out my writing skills (the Thing I really wanted to do: become a female version of Stephen King), and here we are.  Apparently, I am a decent writer, and I am funny.  Two things of which I am very proud.  But you can be the judge of that.

I know that many of my faithful followers will be happy that I am seriously thinking about writing and actually writing again.  And hopefully, they will enjoy my fellow writers’ pieces as much as do.

Welcome, and enjoy the upcoming entries.  I am sure we will not disappoint.

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