Like a Virgin

Well, if this posts appears, it means I am no longer a virgin! Say it isn’t so! By virgin, I DO mean in the blogger sense if the word; after all, I DO have a husband, two children, and a precious grandson.

So, now that we have THAT out of the way, I’ll introduce myself. I am the third piece to this puzzle of idiosyncrazy women; for me, crazy in that I have, once again, agreed to something my dear friend has cooked up. You’d think after the floundering attempts she has made to challenge me artistically, creatively, technologically, in the gym, in the pool, in the kitchen and any other way she could challenge me, she’d learn, but oh no, the lady is tenacious! And so, here I am, challenged by her to dip my toe into the blogosphere waters!

A little more about ME. First of all, Fannie is not really my name. My name is really Madonna. JUST KIDDING! Although, for this blogging world, it really SHOULD be Madonna; you know, the whole “Like a Virgin” thing? Fannie is my Fester name; Fester being a little family we created a few years ago honoring wonderful women who came together as a result of our shared passion for creativite pursuits (mostly scrapbooking) and the wonders of womens’ friendships. Fannie is a spin off of MY middle name. I live up in God’s Country, also known as the Pacific Northwest, specifically Southern Oregon. I have ONE husband, TWO children and ONE very adorable grandson. I’ll probably write about any one or all of them at some time or another during my blog career.

In addition to scrapbooking and related creative endeavors, I also LOVE cooking. I’ve always loved cooking, but now that children are (usually) out of the house and my career has settled into the comfortable realm of part-time, and I find that I really do have the time for it, I love reading about, watching, researching and finally, trying out new recipes and techniques. My current passion is baking; yeast breads, sourdough, pizza dough, cinnamon rolls, cupcakes you name it, I’ll bake it! I’m sure I’ll blog a bit about my successes and, yes, failures, from time to time.

And, since creative and culinary pursuits do require incurring expenses now and then, I also do this little working thing on the side, employed as an accountant by a group of eye surgeons.

So, that’s it for me, Fannie aka Madonna. I hope that through our blog, as we share a little about our worlds, our lives, our thoughts and our goings-on with those who care to read about them, the reader enjoys their time here, maybe learns something new or thinks a new thought. While I realize that some of my posts may be “not penetratingly deep nor brilliantly original” (a little phrase I lifted from the critique written at the top of a philosophy paper I wrote in college; scathing indeed! No wonder I became an accounting major), I hope that, for the most part, they make your day a little better for the reading.


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2 Responses to Like a Virgin

  1. Stacey says:

    This ought to be fun – at least fun for all of us readers. Me personally – not so sure I would enjoy the stress of “creative writing.” You always have been talented in that area though – so post on fester sister. (I can’t remember my fester name – so sad.)

  2. Linda says:

    Love all your blogs today! You are all very creative and wonderful personalities and it really shows in your writings! I am enjoying your hard work…immensely!

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