Spring is in the Air

I love springtime.  No, seriously, I love it.  It gets my juices flowin’.  And not just because it means my birthday is right around the corner. (Although that IS one reason I love it!)

There is nothing like the feeling of the sun on your skin after a long, cold, snowy winter.  Am I right?

There is something to be said for cabin fever and the misery that engulfs us come November.  I think it something very basic in our nature. I noticed on a recent warm and surprisingly sunny day, that people were outside, eating in cafes on the sidewalks, and loving every minute of it.  And people are in a better mood, and then when the weather gets crappy (inevitably around my birthday; happens every year) people go into cranky mode.

I recently met a woman who lived in Seattle for many years.  She lives in Reno now, but has a potential mate who still lives in Seattle and one of the reasons she is not moving up there in a flat heart beat is, not because the guy is horrible, BUT BECAUSE IT IS SUNNY HERE.

Yep, there you have it folks. The reason people stay in Reno as opposed to major metropolitan places:  THE SUN. She is seriously considering staying in Reno rather than move to be with the man she loves because Seattle is depressing.  And we think it is bad here in the winter!! And although when August hits, and I start to sweat in my sleep at 4 in the morning, I am still very, very thankful for the sun hitting my skin in full force during my drive to work or to the lake (or should I say, The Lake). I know there are fears of too much sun, especially if you are of the vampiric nature, but I love, love, love the sun and all the glorious things it brings: Fruits, vegetables, flowers, tans and beach days!  All of which go yummily with my BBQ ribs and grilled steaks.  Yes, even flowers.

So, here is to the upcoming days of beaches, suntans, and BBQs.  Here is to camping, fishing, and hiking.  Here is to spring and to the sun! May it never become a white dwarf.

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