He Makes Me Smile

…Who? You ask. My husband, of course.

This photo may not look like much to you, but to me, it speaks volumes.

This perpetual calendar was given to our family years ago by my mother and step-father and hangs in our kitchen dining area. The inscription on the back says “1989.” Wow! Time DOES fly. The calendar requires that someone “update” it each month. For years, that was my daughter’s job; starting back when she could barely read, she’d look at the “master calendar” on the refrigerator and insert the appropriate holidays, birthdays and celebrations, as well as aligning the dates with the proper days of the week. But, now that she is grown and gone with a calendar of her own to maintain, most certainly on her iphone, this task has, once again, been inherited by me. It has been known to happen that an entire month will go by without the perpetual calendar being updated.

But, wait! Who updated it for April? Could it be that CRS has truly taken over and I don’t remember updating it? I stood there and I looked and I pondered and I looked some more. And then, I began to smile. At first it was a slow, spreading little smile. And then, a full on grin. And finally, a laugh.

For you see, the “raised-on-a-cattle-ranch-where-men-are-men-and-women-are-women-and-sheep-are-well-sheep-manly-man-been-a-banker-for-over 30 years” husband of mine was the updater of the calendar! And not only was he the updater, but given the materials he had to work with, he used his creativity and imagination to commemorate some special days coming up in our lives.

The bunny tile? Well, that’s obvious; Easter Sunday. But, the Heart tile? Well, that signifies the date that our dear daughter and precious grandson arrive here from Oklahoma! Yeah! The New Year Toasting Glass tile? That signifies the annual kick-off of my husband’s Great Golf Getaway (his verson of OUR Croptoberfest; he’s been doing this with the same group of bankers for over twenty five years!). And the Jack-o-Lantern tile placed upside down? Well, that signifies a sad face because it’s the day that Mandy and Parker will head back to Oklahoma.

So, there you have it; just one of the reasons why, after all these years, He Makes Me Smile. I encourage you to take a look around and see what makes you smile today.

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One Response to He Makes Me Smile

  1. Felia says:

    That made ME smile! You are indeed a lucky woman!

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