A Beautiful Place

Now that I got all the horrible places I have been off my chest, I thought now I would pay homage to the beautiful places I have seen in the world.  Beginning with last weekend’s camping excursion in Milford, CA!

Camping is always a wonderful thing for me.  My family and I have always gone camping, ever since I was little, so this past weekend when Tyler asked me to go up to his family’s property, I jumped at the chance. (Also, I am sick of the winter. See previous post.)

When we got to the camp site, this is what I saw:

Yeah, this is the view from what he lovingly calls, “The Property.” (Funny side-note: My Grandpa had a piece of land in Cascade, ID that he also lovingly called “The Property.”  I think it is something about men and owning a piece of something outside a city that gives them a sense of being a frontiersman.) It took my breath away.  I know some people don’t like the desert, but being from Idaho, and the landscape being so similar, the raw beauty never fails to amaze me.

Laida loved it, too.  You can see her here (that little white spot just left of center?) in search of some elusive animal on the hillside:

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