Another Passion – (Live) Music

A little more about me: I love music.  I will listen to pretty much anything, with maybe the exception of death metal, which Tyler loves.  Woe is me.

So, for my birthday, Tyler took me to see Interpol, a band I have been waiting to see since last Halloween.  My sister and I had tickets to see them in New Orleans, but then I got sick with a raging cold and couldn’t go!  Luckily, Interpol heard about my situation, and they came to Reno.  Just for me. Right around my birthday.  (You know I love my birthweek, right?)

So, here we are, in the front row.  I know, great picture.  But you get the idea. The Knitting Factory is awesome because if you are in the front row, a waitress will come around and bring you drinks – DURING THE SHOW.  Or food.  It’s awesome. But drunk people are not.  (See full story below.)

Here are a few pictures I took during the show.  They were being real sticklers about no flashes, so I was trying really hard not to move my hands, but that is hard when you are rocking out.

During the opening act, which was less than stellar, an intoxicated couple behind us decided to start “dancing.”  Their idea of dancing mainly consisted of drunkenly stumbling into each other, bouncing off of one another and then ping-ponging into the crowd.  And repeat, multiple times if necessary.  It was an interesting dance move, especially since they were the only two doing it.  I was highly annoyed (who? me?) and Tyler was doing his best to protect me from them, as was the boyfriend of the woman standing next to me.  Apparently the drunk couple were HUGE fans of the opening act because she warbled every word to each horrible song through the whole set.  Then at one point, Drunk Man decided to put his hands down, palms out, in order to get some free ass grabs in the mix.  I thought it was Tyler grabbing me, and I gave him a dirty look.  He said, “What?” And I said, “Stop grabbing my butt in public!” Needless to say, Drunk Man almost got HIS ass beat down, but the security guard caught wind of what was going on and took care of it before Tyler had the chance to defend my honor.  Thank God, because he would have waited in jail until the Interpol set was over before I bailed him out.  I mean, a girl has priorities.

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