This Could Be the Start of Something Big!

…this must be the start of something

…this could be the heart of something

…this could be the start of something BIG! (or green)

Wait? What??? Green????

I don’t know, the song just kind of came to me as I was slopping a big bucket of glop out into the side yard. I have grand plans for my bucket of glop, perhaps that’s why the song came into my head…

And now, the backfill (not to be confused with landfill) to the glop and the song.

I will admit, I am not even close to being the “greenest girl on the block.” I DO sort my recyclables, I return the styrofoam peanuts to my friends at the UPS store, I use a Brita filter rather then purchase cases of bottled water, I save my yogurt containers to send leftovers home to my son in, I take my own bags to the grocery store and I’m the proud owner of a couple dozen mesh 3B produce bags (the check-out clerks ALWAYS ask about those!). But I just have these little nagging thoughts that I’m just not quite as green as I could be; these thoughts of Green Self Doubt probably comes from living a mere 12 miles north of Ashland, Oregon; no matter how green you think you are, there is an Ashlandian who will one-up (or, in my case, ten-up) you!

But in spite of the fact that I could be “greener,” my heart is in the right place. I have always cringed at the thought of landfills. :::Shudder::: All that garbage! Going somewhere! That sentiment was one of the primary reasons why, when, as a mommy of 2 babies in diapers, I diligently swished cloth diapers in the toilet and then washed them and hung them out to dry! The thought of all of those diapers going to a landfill!

When we vacation in Hawaii, I really cringe at the thought of all of that garbage created at some of the resorts. Where does this stuff go?

And so, this leads to glop. I have decided to start a compost pile! Yes, indeed, me the “from-the-big-city-married-to-a-small-town-guy” gal is creating a compost pile. Now, my mother-in-law would think this was no big deal. She had a pail under the sink into which the appropriate scraps would go. At the end of the day, she’d trudge out, down the back porch steps, out across the foot bridge and over the fence the contents would go…her compost pile. But then, keep in mind, her “yard” is about 1,500+ acres. When the time came in early spring to prepare the garden, she’d shovel (or have “the boys” shovel) her compost pile into the garden. And, oh me, oh my…the treasures that would come from her garden.

But, my aspirations are a bit more humble; I just want to reduce my contribution into the landfill or down the garbage disposal into the sewage system (yuck). Spreading the compost over my flower bed will just be “icing on the cake” so to speak.

So, I’m starting a compost pile. My hope is that, over the next few weeks and months, I will glean little tidbits of information to help me make my little green mark on the environment (as opposed to the carbon footprint kind of mark). I’ll post “compost” updates (oooh, play on words, I like it!) here periodically.

It’s all about little steps, right? If we all could just take one little step……this could be the start of something BIG!

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2 Responses to This Could Be the Start of Something Big!

  1. Jim says:

    Hopefully not TOO big… Sick… Your yard is not 1500 acres.

  2. Felia says:

    OK, I am totally going to buy some of those bags. It always frustrates me putting my fruit and veggies in a plastic bag and then into my reusable grocery bag! Thanks so much for sharing. And really, composting gets easier. Pretty soon, you will be doing it without even thinking.

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