Travel Tips

For those of you wondering (that’s you, Jennifer!!), my feet are blister free after a 5 mile hike along the Hetch Hetchy reservoir and a 2 mile walk around the Yosemite Valley floor.  While hiking, I was forced to step in a stream (read: arctic blast of ice cold water) and my shoes immediately filled with water.  I had a moment of panic: “Oh no.  Here come the blisters.” But then I thought about my wool socks, and I worried no more!  So what the saleslady told me is true: it is all about the socks.

I have travelled quite a bit in my lifetime, which I am very grateful for.  However, most of the time when I think of a certain trip, mostly I remember my shoes and how they hurt my feet. 

1) My first time to New Orleans was before a cruise Mom and I took after I graduated from college.  All I remember of New Orleans during that trip was searching and searching for a place to buy flip flops that weren’t covered in fleur de lis or other various Mardi Gras accoutrement, even though it was May.  Finally, I spotted a Gap in the distance and then I headed to a Walgreens for Neosporin for my blisters. 

2) Same with Barcelona.  My most prominent memory (besides the naked dude in front of the fountain, which mortified my mother, to me and my sister’s delight) was trying to find a Band-Aid anywhere on the Ramblas because I had so many blisters. 

3) While visiting realtives in the Basque Country, I bought a sweet pair of red shoes, and I decided to wear them to my sister’s wedding party without breaking them in.  Needless to say, that night was filled with a lot of drinking.  There I was, stumbling around to various Pharmacias trying in my drunken broken Basque to convince someone to help me find a Band-Aid.  I had to keep drinking, therefore walking. 


Travel Tip #1:  SOCKS are more important than the shoes.   (I am completely opposed to wearing socks with any type of sandal, unless while camping, you have to go to the bathroom.  Then all bets are off.  So, I have yet to realize the solution of sandals.  When I figure that one out, I will let you know.)

Travel Tip #2:  It is better to take off the shoe and walk in filth than to have blisters in the morning.

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One Response to Travel Tips

  1. Fae says:

    You hit the nail on the head when you remember certain trips and shoes worn. I can’t even remember how many times during a trip or vacation spent looking for some other shoes to wear because the ones I had on were KILLING MY FEET! I know better but it doesn’t stop me. Vanity, thy name is Woman.

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