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I Love It! I Hate It! I Love It! I Hate It!

…and I’ve had such a volatile relationship with it… When I am “on” with it, I am ON! I go ALL OUT! I mean it is ALL OR NOTHING! I accept challenges, I set and reach goals, I attempt new adventures… When … Continue reading

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My Sister & I: Good Times Were Had By All…Most of the Time

This weekend I was bored.  (I took a HUGE fall earlier this week, sprained my ankle, and now I am trying to keep off of it.  BORING!)  So, I decided to organize my scrapbooking things, plan some layouts, and in … Continue reading

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My scale has run away from home.

The conquering heroes have returned home.  Poorer in the wallet, richer in the wine cellar, and somehow my pants got tighter.  I’m thinking of switching laundry detergents.  Again.  Thanks a lot, Detergent. Bob used the Concierge at Darioush Winery to … Continue reading

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Appreciate the Randomness

The other day I was watching a rerun of an Oprah episode in which Oprah asked Jennifer Aniston what advice Jennifer would give to her twenty-year-old self. I don’t really recall what Jennifer said, because, honestly, I began thinking what … Continue reading

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What Being Basque Means to Me

The other day, someone asked me why Basques have such fiery tempers.  My answer was, “Because not everyone knows how awesome we are, but everyone should, and it pisses us off.”  I was joking, of course, because not ALL Basques … Continue reading

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The Dance

You put your right foot in, you put your right foot out, you put your right foot in and you shake “it” (“it”, used in this particular blog post, is a collective term) all about! or… Oh, what a feeeeelin’….when I’m … Continue reading

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Life is too short to drink bad wine

When you read this, I will have been in Napa for four days.  Two of those days will have been spent golfing with my Hubby.  One full day will be spent wine tasting and purchasing some of our favorite wines … Continue reading

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