It’s Time!!!!

It’s finally here.  After waiting for well over a year with bated breath, I finally get to go. 

To see U2!

Last year, I was in a kind of bad place.  I had a job I detested, no boyfriend to speak of, and nothing exciting to look forward to.  EXCEPT for the U2 show in Oakland on June 16, 2010.  I had the days off (begrudgingly) from my boss, and the excitement was mounting.  And then it happened.

Bono fell and broke his bleepity-bleeping back.  After a few days (which to me, felt like a damn eternity), U2 officials announced they were going to postpone this leg of the tour so Bono could heal.  Postpone it for A YEAR! And yes, I threw a temper tantrum when I heard this foul, horrible news.

My friend who was going with me, Tracy, took this in stride.  She asked, “Don’t you want him to get better?”  “NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to use my hard-earned and begged for vacation days!!!!” I said as I pouted and harumphed my way around in a tight circle, because alas, I am that crazy. Instead, we went camping, which was pretty awesome, but I was still pissed.

But here we are.  A year patiently (HAHA!) waited through.  There for a while I almost forgot that I still had the tickets.  I looked for them yesterday.  I found them.  Right where I left them.  OVER A YEAR AGO!!!

Now I get to prepare myself mentally for the day-long wait in line with a bunch of other freaky U2 fans.  Last time I did this, in Las Vegas, I was less than pleased with the people surrounding me.  They were mean and wouldn’t save my spot if I wanted to take a bathroom break.  They were shitty U2 fans.  The time before that, also in Las Vegas, I was surrounded by BODACIOUS U2 fans from all over the world: Miami, Poland, Chicago.  They were awesome and played Uno with us and when we got to the front row and they didn’t, they screamed at us, “You aren’t U2 fans! You are Motely Crue fans!”  Silly, unlucky U2 fans from Miami.  Oh, how I missed you in Vegas the second time.

I have my list of things to bring with me while I wait in line:  Cards, books, camera, snacks, and drinks.  Here are the rules:  1) You may not drink any liquid beverages of any kind after you enter the arena.  The idea is we will be so close to the front of the stage, that getting our butts to the bathroom will be nigh impossible.  However, this last time, my (pregnant) sister and I were in the third row, and people let her come and go as she pleased.  I do not think anyone would be as nice to me, although I may LOOK pregnant, I am not.  I will, however, use this to my advantage if necessary. 2) You must run, even if the Stadium Nazis are standing there, yelling at you through bullhorns not to run.  This inevitably happens every time, and every time I look at them as I rush by with a look of incredulity.  Really?  Not run.  You have GOT to be kidding me.  3)  Once you get to your destination, be patient.  This is the rule I hate.  Because as I am waiting for U2 to show up, I have to listen to the crazy, freaky U2 fan standing next to me.  And believe me, he or she is three times as bad as I am on any given day. So I play nice, smile and nod at whatever they say, even when they talk about the roadies as if they are best friends, because soon, it will be time for U2:

See, that’s me in the front row, with my hands in the air, singing every blasted word to every bloody song.  I love being me.

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3 Responses to It’s Time!!!!

  1. Fannie says:

    While I’m not a big U2 fan (:::GASP:::I hesitated to mention that here, not that I don’t like them, I’m just not that familiar with their genre or music)…reading your blog reminded me of how much I enjoy a live performance of someone I really, really am a fan of! The excitement and anticipation of it, the contagious excitement of all of the other like-minded fans (or fanatics, take your pick) along with reminiscing and all of the “and remember when they sang this…” afterwards are (almost) as much a part of the experience as the performance itself. I love the feeling of the goosebumps you get when attending an incredibly well-done, well-produced live performance. Enjoy, dear friend…we expect to see a follow up blog.

  2. Fae says:

    yeah. ho hum. u2.

    Oh WTF? U2?????!!!!!

    My dream concert!! But, alas, I am at that particular age that I no longer want to, enjoy, or can tolerate, the hyper-ness of attending en masse rock concert. Now let me put on my Granny-phone and tell you of ‘Day on the Green’. Heard of it? A compilation of Fleetwood Mac, UFO, Peter Frampton, and Gary Wright. 1976. (Really, please don’t bring up Woodstock…before my time. And really? No porta pottys to speak of. ) That in itself was total awesomeness BUT if I could add two additional acts it would be U2 and Coldplay. That would end all future concerts because it would be IT. The totality of all concerts. Short of the Beatles Reunion. Then…all hell would break lose and I would be elbows out, first in line……..(except…Pink, Gaga, Fergie, Gwen Stefani…..and uh…let me get back to you)

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