My Sister & I: Good Times Were Had By All…Most of the Time

This weekend I was bored.  (I took a HUGE fall earlier this week, sprained my ankle, and now I am trying to keep off of it.  BORING!)  So, I decided to organize my scrapbooking things, plan some layouts, and in general, feel more useful.

I came across a little gem hidden away in a box of treasures.  But first, a picture of my sister and I.

We like to laugh.

We fight, too.  But that is neither here nor there.

The little gem I found was a list of band names we had made up one day during the summer of 1992.  Actually, we were REALLY into Wayne’s World at the time, and I had a book with different ways to create fun heavy metal band names.  We thought ours were so awesome, we wrote ours down for prosperity. (Note:  Neither one of us were into heavy metal, or metal, at all!  At this time I was all about grunge bands, U2, and Depeche Mode!)

A Small Sampling of The List (written in my sloppy freshman hand):

  • Satan’s Candy Peppers
  • Satan’s War Pod
  • Satan’s Meat Stick
  • Satan’s Fokker Basket
  • Satan’s Cancer Boner (We thought this was the height of hilarity in 1992)
  • Flying Meat Basket
  • Flying War Machine
  • Flying Fire Snake
  • Black Cancer Ryche
  • Atomic Death Pod
  • Atomic Love Rats
  • Atomic Meat Machine
  • Poison Love Maiden
  • German Death Ship
  • German Love Ryche
  • German Coma Ryche
  • Children of the Death Ship
  • Children of the Coma Pod
  • Children of the Fire Boner (Again, hilarious.  Add the image of my Dad screaming, “What’s so funny?”  Awesome.)
  • Children of the Candy Drug
  • Fatal Waste Basket
  • Fatal Desire Pod
  • Albino Fire Rats
  • Albino Love Drug

and our personal favorite:

Satan’s Frogurt Machine.  To this day, I can call Steph and say “Satan’s Frogurt Machine” and we will just start laughing and laughing.  Now that I look back on the list, some of them aren’t half bad, and a few of them even sound like current band names.  We thought the irony of Satan having a frogurt machine and denying people in hell said frogurt was so funny!

We still like to laugh.  I hope this makes her smile today when she reads it.

Probably my favorite picture of us of all time

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