I Love It! I Hate It! I Love It! I Hate It!

…and I’ve had such a volatile relationship with it…

When I am “on” with it, I am ON! I go ALL OUT! I mean it is ALL OR NOTHING! I accept challenges, I set and reach goals, I attempt new adventures… When I say ALL, I mean ALL!

And when it is nothing…

Well, I mean it is flat out, forget about it, nothing (as in really small font, nothing)!

And, sadly, “it” has been “nothing” for months, as in months and months and months…

But, for some reason, “it” and I reunited during my recent resort “mini-vacation.”

I dusted off my tools and I said, “hello” to my old friend…

Yep, the big E.


For some unexplicable reason, I seemed to think, oh, back in about October 2010, that all of the exercise I had done for the past ten years or so was all that I needed. I had done enough. I can now “retire.” The 3 Day 60 mile walks (2x), the spin classes, the “power” classes, the miles and miles clocked on “The McAndrews Hill,” the challenges laid down by friends and family, all had been “banked” and could be drawn upon for the next thirty-five years or so. Right? And all that bread I’ve been baking, all of those new Food Channel recipes I have been acquiring and fine-tuning, and, “occasionally” taste testing, the process of kneading, mixing, measuring, etc. has surely got to create some sort of caloric deficit, right? Re-creating Guy Fieri’s Triple D recipes is harmless, right?

Well, I’m not so sure. Somewhere between October and now…well, I’m having a bit more difficulty getting up off of my knees when I just retrieved that bread pan from the furthest corner of the lowest shelf of the cupboard. And when I “run” up the flight and a half of stairs at my office, hmmmmm…what is this wheezing sound around me? And “spin” class? The only “spinning” I have been doing lately is spinning the stem of a wineglass between my thumb and forefinger. And those summer pants from last year? Yeah…they must have jumped in the washer with my friend, Fae’s, evil detergent, because they certainly don’t fit the way they did LAST summer…

And so, here we go…

As I mentioned, I had some sort of “revelation” during our recent vacation. Probably because we were at a “resort” and everyone is so “resort-y”; you know the look…all healthy and energetic and, well, “resort-y.” And of course, the resort had a “fitness” center.

So, I sucked it up (or in), laced up my tennis shoes, plugged in the ipod and hit the fitness center.

Oooh, a treadmill, I used to remember how to run these things. Oh, you want me to input my weight? Yeah, we’ll plug in what my driver’s license says, I’m sure it’s the same. Age? Yeah, ok. Speed? Is there a “retired” button? Ok. Starting in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…woa! Wait! Not so fast! Huff, puff, huff, puff, faster, and faster. Whew. I’m working up a sweat! Yeah for me! And look at that…time elapsed…yeah, it’s…

What???? Three minutes and 24 seconds? Are you kidding me???

But, somehow, those next 90 seconds just flew by and, wiping my brow, I stepped off! Whew!

NOT REALLY! I actually endured it for 30 minutes.

And then…

The next morning, I came back for more torture. I mean, fun.

And, honestly, I did feel better. So much so that, when I was done, I decided I wasn’t really “done” and grabbed my water bottle and headed out on the ten minute trail hike from the resort to this…

Kind of a nice way to end a work out, huh?

And so, it begins again…my love, hate relationship with exercise. I really DO love how it makes me feel, I LOVE the health benefits and the approving nod I receive from my doctor when we have successfully held off Type 2 Diabetes and heart disease (unfortunately, to which I have high risk factors for both) for another year.  I love the feeling of confidence it gives me when I sprint up those stairs. In fact, I’m not sure what I “hate” about it. Probably, what I hate right now is that fact that I’ve let my regimen “slip.”

And so, not to let the “endorphins” of exercise fade as we waved good-bye to our lovely resort mini-vacation, as soon as we returned home, after I started a load of laundry and sifted through the newspapers and mail, I laced up my tennies, grabbed my other “tools” and headed to the gym.

Fortunately, when I entered the gym, they didn’t sound off the alarms and flashing lights and my key tag actually worked when I swiped it.

I told the lovely, healthy looking, young face behind the counter that she better not DARE tell me when the last time was that I was at the gym. I debated telling her I had been abducted by aliens, but thought better of it. And I stepped onto my cross-trainer.

“Hi, Friend. It’s been awhile. Let’s get re-acquainted.”


And, as you can see by the workout summary, above, we are renewing our “relationship.” It will take some work until we are back where we were, months and months ago, but I’m ready. I LOVE it. Really, I do.

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One Response to I Love It! I Hate It! I Love It! I Hate It!

  1. Fae says:

    Can you send some of that mojo south, please? I’m glad you got a self imposed challenge!!

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