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I got to thinking the other after watching yet another cute commercial that made me chuckle and quickly disappear from my cerebral cortex what have been my favorite commercials?  What makes an advertising jingle or slogan stick with you for decades?  Is it the humor?  Is it the emotional impact?  I certainly don’t know.  I worked in the television industry for 15 years and saw every commercial on ABC TV during that time.  EVERY commercial.  Some have remained in my Trivial Pursuit section of brain all this time.

Here are some of my favorites starting way back when in the 1970’s and 1980’s.

The couple who drink coffee…and the serial spots that it spanned over several years.  I was sad that they ended this storyline.

Did you notice that they used the same coffee cups, white with a gold band, in every spot no matter where the location was?  Never noticed that before.

I remember so many people mimicking the tag line on this…

Here is one of my all time favorites!  Another serial campaign for the ‘Artesians’ for Olympia Beer, aka Oly.  I could only find this one but they were all cute.  Unfortunately, through a series of one-two punches the ad campaign was very successful for TV not for the beer.  They redesigned the bottling and changed the recipe all at the same time and Olympia didn’t survive it.

Another tag line that is still echoed today…

This isn’t a commercial but a PSA for Keep America Beautiful.  Occasionally, you’ll see a copy of the Indian’s tear-streaked face in a collage of some kind.

Now you’ll know where Billy Crystal got his famous “Marvelous, simply marvelous” saying.  This guy said it first.

Another spot that gets replayed from time to time in tiny bits.  I wonder what Mikey is doing these days?  And do you think he likes it?

The very first Got Milk ad ever…and they are still using Got Milk today.  Truly, a successful slogan to run for over 30 years.

Another set of spots that were really cute, I thought.

These aren’t all of my favorites…I have more.  Aren’t you the lucky ones???

So what are YOUR favorites?



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