Stories I Only Tell My Friends

Oh, so you think you’re going to get to read some dirt, hey? Some big confessions?

 “Really, she’s going to spill it all on her blog?” Sorry, friends, I hate to disappoint you. The title is referencing the book I am currently reading, the autobiography by Rob Lowe, “Stories I only Tell My Friends.”

As a general rule, I’m not a big fan of autobiographies; my husband is and my daughter as well, but I’ve never really found many that peaked my curiosity. However, after having seen Rob Lowe on a talk show or two promoting his book, I put it on my Amazon Wish List and voila…it appeared at my doorstop just in time for Mother’s Day! 

I have to say, I am thoroughly enjoying this book! Rob writes just as he talks. Ok, I admit, Rob and I haven’t had the opportunity to just sit and chat over coffee, but the interviews I’ve seen him do make him seem as if he really is an authentic, down-to-earth kind of guy. It really is as if he were sitting out on the patio telling us stories about growing up and coming of age in the craziness that is Hollywood and the entertainment industry. And, if the sentiment he expresses in his book is as genuine as it seems, he really is a grounded guy; in SPITE of all that surrounded him growing up and in his early adulthood in the land of The Pretty People. He seems like a very committed husband and father and one of the precious few in the Hollywood/Entertainment Industry who have managed to not be completely consumed by it all.

And so, Rob’s book is just one that is on my summer reading list…which segues into my next topic. Remember Summer Reading Lists? On or around the last day of school, the teacher would provide the class with a list of books recommended for the grade level, designed to continue to build on the reading skills developed during the school year. I belive that this was in hopes that the long summer months would not erase all of those critical reading lessons from our brain matter, hoping that the poor teacher who welcomed us all, freckle-faced and with our new lunch boxes in hand in September, would not have to start back at square one.

Checking off the books on my Summer Reading List was far from a chore for me! I LOVED reading! I’d ride my bike or walk down to the library, my precious library card in my “wallet” in hopes of finding some of my favorite books! Remember Trixie Belden? I couldn’t wait to help her solve The Red Trailer Mystery! And then, return next week for the next installment of her adventures!

And, fortunately, both of my children have inherited a love for reading. I’m certain my son had every Matt Christopher book ever published. My daughter was the proud owner of every single Babysitter’s Club and Boxcar Children book she could get her hands on. Both will be quick to point out that careers/parenthood/grown-up stuff has put a serious cramp in the volume of books each of them can now devour, but the love is still there.

Some of our favorite moments were reading together when they were little. I’d LOVE sharing some of my favorite books with them, and we’d “trade off” reading pages; Island of the Blue Dolphins was the first “chapter” book I remember sharing with each of them. My daughter then brought one home from school that we both fell in love with, Number The Stars. I can’t wait to share each of these with my grandchildren.

For now, though, I’m content with lines that go something like… “You are not my mother, you are a SNORT!” as the little one on my lap looks on…

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3 Responses to Stories I Only Tell My Friends

  1. Fae says:

    OMG…I bought this book as well after seeing him interviewed right when the book came out. Haven’t read it yet though as I’m reading my way through the Outlander series AGAIN this summer.
    Oh, my, Matt Christopher books…didn’t we have ALL of them? Island of the Blue Dolphins!! I read that when I was younger and fell in love with it. Christopher read it and was, “Meh.” But what I love now is to have the little ones on my lap and ‘read’ books to them. Little Camden will go grab any book and plonk himself on my lap. Sammy loves to try to find Waldo and asks for help still.
    Reading…start ’em young and they’ll love it forever.

  2. Felia says:

    Island of the Blue Dolphins! I had to do a reinactment of a scene in that book in 5th grade! I loved to read, too, and I taught my sister to read at a young age so she could read to me while I was in the bathtub. Mom refused to let books in the tub. For obvious reasons.

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