Take Me Out To The Ball Game…

…buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jacks…

However, I don’t think you can “buy” this, a lesson from a baseball game…

I don’t know about you, but I am often moved to tears by the feature on the ABC Friday Night News, “Person of the Week.”

This past week’s Person of the Week was a young man, featured at a baseball game. Now, believe me, I am someone who knows a little bit about baseball and its fans. My grandmother, Phoebe Jones (Nanny), would listen to the Dodgers on the transistor radio in the kitchen, back in the day when Don Drysdale was the pitcher. Oooh, the names she would call him (yelling at the radio) when she didn’t feel he was pitching the game she thought he should! And, being the Southern California girl that I “was,” I knew all too well about being a Dodger fan! I remember one year, when we had prime seats right over the dugout, anxiously waiting, autograph book in hand, for the handsome pitcher, Claude Osteen, to return and, maybe, just maybe, I’d get his autograph! Why, that was the prize you got for a spring semester of good grades! A trip to Dodger Stadium at Chavez Ravine…

Fast forward to Motherhood and giving birth to a sports fan. As fate would have it, we were living in the vicinity of the San Francisco Giants, arch rivals of the Los Angeles Dodgers. However, I have to admit, I did beam a little with pride that my first born was such a huge baseball fan, even if it was the Giants. Will Clark? Oh yeah, there was a poster on the wall! An annual summer outing would be the trek from our home, at that time, in Reno, Nevada to San Francisco, California to see a Giants game. Often times, it was against the Dodgers (sorry, Nanny). And most often, it was with our friends, Fae’s family.

And so, having been to a few of these games, I have an inkling of what it was like for this young fan and his family when a player tossed the ball up towards him and, scrambling, he retrieved the ball…

But the story that unfolds is so much more then just a scene at a baseball game, it’s a story that should be viewed and reflected on time after time after time…imagine the impact that this gesture just might have on the one to whom it was bestowed and, also, to those around him who witnessed it.

My apologies for the advertisement at the beginning of this clip, but please endure that 15 seconds, the rest is worth the viewing.


Take me out to the Ball Game…


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