Dem Bones

Next week starts the annual Best of the West Rib Cook-off.  This is one of the best events we have, Hot August Nights being very popular as well.  But this one?  This one with all the pork?  Lordy.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it.  It is held each year the first weekend in September in front of a local hotel/casino in Victorian Square.  If you drive by on the elevated interstate, you can smell the ribs cooking and your tongue starts to hang out of your mouth.  Don’t worry, you wouldn’t be the only driver looking like that.  The event opens every day at 11am and you stroll through all the vendor contenders contemplating the signage of all the trophies won.

Best BBQ Sauce, Hattiesburg, PA, Ribfest


First Place, Best Dry Rub, Missoula, MT


As Featured in Bon Appetit, July 2003

You are able to purchase a slab o’ribs or a half slab o’ribs or their very own super secret special barbeque sauce.  The problem here is, you can eat at every vendor that sells ribs and get miserably ill from your gluttony.  Or you can share a half slab with your special someone and keep room for more tastes.  It is a wonderfully wicked place to be.  Your fingernails will be embedded with sauce.  There are not enough wetnaps around!  You can go one day or go every single day.  The choice is yours.  If you find a sauce or dry rub that you really like, buy it at the time because chances are it wont be there tomorrow.  Their products sell fast.

Then to top off all this pig goodness, they have rib-eating contests.  Last year one man ate over 8 pounds of ribs to take first place.  Can you even imagine stuffing 8 pounds of anything down your mouth at one sitting?

The reason I’m letting you in on this fabulous event is

  1. You should come here and find out how great it is.
  2. We here on IdiosynCrazies are celebrating it as well with three days of rib recipes for you to try.

Each of us is posting our most favorite rib recipes for you to enjoy.  We each have a story to tell to go along with it as well.  We have tinkered and toyed with the recipes until we are satisfied and hope you will be, too.  We encourage you to try each one and let us know how you like them.

If this is a hit with our readers, we may do other food themed weeks.  Who knows?  We could do Thanksgiving ideas or Christmas cookies….but we need your feedback, so comment, ok?


(and great big shout out to Bubbles from my days at RHS!  She made a recipe from here, took a photo of it and posted it to Facebook!  Thanks, Sue, er, I mean Bubbles!!!)




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