Stepping Into the Millennium

Some of you may have heard of this little thing we like to do: scrapbooking.  This craft has come a long way through the ages, from pasting newspaper clippings in a book, to paper crafting various shapes, to Creative Memories, to digital. 

I’ve decided to try it.  And it is harder than it looks!

OK, OK.  I am cheating.  I didn’t buy a program.  Everything I am working with is free, except the cost of actually printing the book itself.  But, if you know me at all, you know cheap I am, and I am certainly not going to spend hundreds of dollars if I don’t like the look or if I think it is too hard to figure out.

So, with that and my friends visiting from out of town, I have been pretty busy!  I will keep you all posted on my pages as I get them done.  It might be a while as there seems to be a pretty big learning curve!

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2 Responses to Stepping Into the Millennium

  1. Fae says:

    I agree with you about the learning curve! But depending on the software you’re using (Elements is my go to software for scrapping) you’ll have lots of tutorials to learn with. Check out Designer Digitals (and they are having they’re qtrly sale right now!!) they have so many tutorials that have helped me a lot. Good for you! One more for my team!!

  2. Fannie says:

    Oh, dear Felia…I feel your pain. I’m so surprised that our shared friend, Fae, didn’t expound on MY learning curve with digital scrapbooking. She laid down a challenge at the beginning of the year that involved P365 and me, conquering the world of digital scrapbooking. Well…after a few skype lessons as well as some frantic cell phone calls…I think she gave me a barely passing grade and pushed me on…hoping that perhaps the next teacher could “do something” with me! I think she just about fell off of her teacher’s stool when she asked where I had gotten this month’s digital header and I told her I had created it! But, I’m still a “hands on, feel the paper, sniff the glue, fondle the embellishments” type of scrapbooker. As of right now, I’m still wanting to immerse myself in my physical scrapbookingness. I look forward to seeing how you progress, newest Little Grasshopper!

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