You Can Do It!

I bought my house one year, 272 days ago.  I bought it as a short sale.  In other words, as is.  In that time, I have replaced the carpet (due to holes from the previous owner’s cats); removed the disgusting blinds in the kitchen and replaced them with curtains; moved piles of dirt away from the house, as it was resting right against it; replaced the door leading to the garage and the door to the bathroom because they had holes in them; painted the bathroom to cover the ugly wallpaper; and moved the water heater so I can have access to under the house and to the HVAC unit. 

And now we have a leaky pipe.

Every time we water the garden (TWICE a day!), the water leaks out of the faucet.  It has been going on for some time.  Over Labor Day weekend, we went camping, and my super thoughtful and detail-oriented boyfriend forgot to turn the faucet off.  When we got home on Monday, we had a pool of water in the garage, with most of the water flowing outside and into the gutter.  Oh, and into the crawlspace.  Needless to say, I was more than a little irate.  In my rage, I demanded that we fix the pipe.  ASAP.  This weekend, it was our project.

So, we sawed a hole in the drywall in the garage, so as not to ruin the siding of the house.

Opening the Wall - No Mold YET!!!!

One of main concerns was that we would have a ton of mold.  But it wasn’t even that wet.  There were a ton of spiders.  BIG ones.  But we killed ’em and moved on.  There was a lot of insulation that Little Miss Brainiac had just tossed into the space between the wall.  (There is about a two foot gap here, as you will see in a moment.)  So, we took all of that out, too.  We saw the pipe, which Little Miss Brainiac has taken a strip of fiberglass insulation and duct taped it on there to prevent freeze.  (This is what NOT to do, folks, as the pipe burst anyway!) Once we had removed that, we found the offending leak.

Wrapped in duct tape.

I can't make this stuff up, man!

Yes, people, duct tape. I know some of you are thinking, “Duct tape works for everything!”  It, however, does not work for things under pressure (i.e. water, acid, my blood).  

We took off the duct tape.  Then we went on a shopping spree at Lowe’s!  This is what we purchased:

  1. Insulation 
  2. Pipe Cutter 
  3. Faucet for the outside
  4. Brushes to sand pipes
  5. Brushes for the flux 
  6. Dust masks 
  7. Soldering metal 
  8. Flux 
  9. Cover for faucet for the winter to prevent freeze
  10. Blow torch!!!!
  11. Copper pipe

Then we got to work.  We turned off the water (which was a fiasco in and of itself, but whatever), and cut the pipe.  This is what it looked like up close:

Uhhh can we say broken!? Beyond repair?

Tyler measured it out, and we soldered the pipes and fittings on.  This was certainly the best part of the project.  We had wicked amounts of fun burning hot shit onto more hot shit. 

Good times!

And now we have a no-leak pipe.  You know, the kind you are supposed to have.  When we watered the garden last night, the water pressure was amazing.  AND NO RUSHING WATER!  It’s a good thing.  When it was all said and done, I told Tyler, “I could have done that myself.”  And it is true, you can do it, too!!  (Although it cost us a little more than $20 because we had to buy the blow torch, but it was so worth the money.)

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3 Responses to You Can Do It!

  1. Fae says:

    Flux? As in ‘Flux Capacitor’? Whoa, heavy.

    But enough of that…I’m very proud of you Miss Tim Taylor the Tool Guy!! Me? I’d turn the whole thing over to Bob and then I’d scrapbook. He’d come in and tell me that he’d fixed it and I’d be all, ‘that’s nice, dear’….I sure hope you don’t find anymore of Miss Brainiac’s helpful fixings but that whole duct tape thing? I’m sure she’s related to my dad….

  2. Anonymous says:

    I, too, mentioned the flux capacitor. HAHA And I don’t think we will find any more of her duct taping, but I have some projects lined up. I thought, if we can do solder pipe together, we can do pretty much anything.

  3. Fannie says:

    As I said…duct tape and baling (as in …bale of hay…) wire…all that is needed for home repairs…


    I’m super impressed with your home improvement-ness…I’d turn it over to Larry, he’d turn it back over to me with the checkbook…I’d hire the guy that the guy down the street who knows a guy whose truck was parked in front of the neighbors’ over the back fence house…I’d stop and make a deal with him when I was out walking the dog…blah blah blah…

    And truly…Lorna’s comment about turning it over to the DH and then scrapbooking…that ACTUALLY happened last year…during CROPTOBERFEST! My dear Larry came home and found a bubbling spring coming up in the gravel alongside the driveway…so not supposed to be there…when I came home from Croptoberfest there were piles of dirt and big holes and red, yellow, and blue lines (you know…the call before you dig folks…)…ahhh…home ownership…gotta love it! Love your story!

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