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The Cell Phone

So, there I was, minding my own business when I heard a strange noise.  It didn’t help I was watching a zombie marathon on cable, and I was alone.  And it was midnight.  And I had all the lights off.  … Continue reading

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Voice Mail

Amazingly he didn’t pay attention to where he was driving.  He just was.  Driving back from the coast, that dreary, wet coast.  Once, before the awfulness, he thought that his street resembled the street from those Home Alone movies; tree … Continue reading

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Y Did U Leave?

The long, hot summer days had suddenly turned. As if overnight, the fall winds blew in and the leaves were rustling through the trees and down the streets. I was apprehensive about my annual weekend at the coast; for some … Continue reading

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Introducing …. Biff!

Many bloggers have pet names for their families, significant others, children, etc. to protect anonymity.  I never really felt the need to do this, but now I have a funny one, so now I will be more inclined.  Although if … Continue reading

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Some Ponderables…

I’m pretty sure that this will be the last of the scrapbooking updates for the time being.  I’m sure that some of you are all, “Enough already!”  But October is our annual meet up away from home.  ‘Away’ being the … Continue reading

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Whew! I Barely Escaped!

:::Whew::: I’m so thankful to be among all of you, once again. You’ve probably been incredibly worried, wringing your hands and all, wondering, “Where is Fannie? Why haven’t there been any IdiosynCrazy posts from Fannie?” Well, it all started a … Continue reading

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Loading…. Please Wait

I got to spend this glorious weekend with my great scrapbooking friends at a cabin in Truckee, CA.  And I learned how to digitally scrapbook.  No more of those pesky papers, embellishments, pens, and stickers for me!  No more having … Continue reading

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