It’s Fall! Well, For a Week Anyway.

I am always amazed by the weather here in Reno.  I shouldn’t be, as I have lived here for 10 years now, but every year, when it snows for the first time, I say to myself, “Self!  It’s snowing! SO SOON!?”

Yes, it snowed.  Well, not at MY house, but in the foothills around Reno and on Peavine Mountain, and especially on Mount Rose and Slide Mountain.  I love my mountains (they keep my mind safe!) and I love it when they have snow on them.  And NOT on my yard!

And the first snowfall always reminds me that it is fall here in Reno.  Just like the last snowfall reminds me that summer is here.  (Because that is just the way it works here, OK?  I have learned to deal with it. Kind of.) 

Last night was kind of chilly, so I decided to turn on the heater.  I went to it, and flipped the switch from COOL to HEAT.  There is no in-between in Reno, my friends!  It’s either HOT or SNOWING.  That is why the people who live in Tahoe and Truckee year-round are such extreme A-type personalities: you have to be in order to mentally survive!

I love it when people move here and say, “I love how you can experience the four seasons here.”  Are you kidding me?  Spring and fall last a total of MAYBE three weeks (combined!) here.  I have just come to the realization that in Reno and the Tahoe area, winter lasts about 7 months and spring, summer, and fall are all crammed into those remaining 5 months.  This is also why I am so busy in the summer; I have to cram 9 months’ worth of activities into 5 months.  It’s a challenge, let me tell ya.

So, I have decided to just settle back, get out my blankets and sweaters, and prepare for winter.  And know to wear shorts under all the blankets, because it will 90 degrees again next week.  Promise.

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