Whew! I Barely Escaped!


I’m so thankful to be among all of you, once again. You’ve probably been incredibly worried, wringing your hands and all, wondering, “Where is Fannie? Why haven’t there been any IdiosynCrazy posts from Fannie?”

Well, it all started a few weeks ago when I was kidnapped by a VERY intimidating group of scrapbooking aliens (see them pictured, below)

They look innocent enough, do they not? Can't you see the terrified look on my face (fifth from the left) as I am surrounded by my captors?

who then passed me off to this INCREDIBLY persuasive 20 month Oklahoman…

See what I mean? Look at him! The way he wears his hat backwards? Yes, persuasive, indeed!

Believe it or not, by the first group, I was FORCED to, first, indulge in creative and culinary exploits and THEN, by the miniature abductor, I was COERCED into blowing bubbles and using sidewalk chalk to formulate secret code messages.

Yes, this time of captivity was painful, indeed.

Unlike my fellow authors, I am not organized enough to plan for stupidly busy times in my life, or abductions, by planning, in advance, blog posts.

So, to appease you all, I thought I would share my recipe for Escape From The Scrapbooking Aliens Bloody Marys…

Escape From The Scrapbooking Aliens Bloody Mary Recipe

(serves 6…or 3…depending)

32 oz Tomato juice

15 oz vodka

juice of 2 lemons

juice of 2 limes

2T worcestershire sauce

1 1/4 t Tabasco sauce

Salt to taste

Red pepper flakes to taste

2 t celery salt

3 T prepared horseradish

Blend all in a pitcher.

If desired, salt rim of glasses

Pour mixture into individual salted glasses, over ice. Garnish with the following:

Lime wedge, celery stalk, pickled green beans, garlic stuffed olives…

If you want to get really crazy, and go all Martha Stewart-ish, hire Fae to pick the longest chives she can from your chive garden and create the following “garnish bundles”…

Pickled green beans, nestled in celery stalks, tied with REALLY LONG chives, and later (not pictured here) speared with a garlic stuffed olive...Note: Fae picked the chives I created the bundles...it was part of my captivity...

And then…enjoy!

Note the lime slice and the speared olive as part of the "garni."

Guaranteed to coerce scrapbooking alien captors to release you…

Note: Not suitable for the “under age Oklahoman” captors; for this, fish crackers are a more appropriate substitution.

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2 Responses to Whew! I Barely Escaped!

  1. Anonymous says:

    I am so glad you are back, safe and sound, and those creepy aliens did you no (lasting) harm!!

  2. Fae says:

    So, let me see if I get this right.

    You were abducted by aliens.

    And then you were returned by said aliens.

    Any probing?

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