Introducing …. Biff!

Many bloggers have pet names for their families, significant others, children, etc. to protect anonymity.  I never really felt the need to do this, but now I have a funny one, so now I will be more inclined.  Although if you know me, or have read the blog before, or anything, you will know his real name anyway.  Oh well!

Last night, my dear boyfriend and I went to have some Ethiopian food at a restaurant not far from our house.  When I got home, I immediately Yelped it.  In my review, I call my dear boyfriend BF, short for boyfriend in my head.  When I Yelp, it automatically posts to my Facebook page, much like these posts. 

My sister saw it and asked, “Who is Biff and why are you eating Ethiopian food with him?”  At first, I was like, BoyFriend!  Duh!  Who doesn’t know my abbreviations!  Why would I date anyone named Biff.  All I can think of is this:

Biff Tannen

Why would I go to dinner with Biff Tannen?  Ohhhhh, she meant the BF statement. 

I thought it was pretty funny, so I decided that we need to call him Biff now.  He will probably hate it, and beg me to stop calling him, so I won’t call it to his face, but it is a good little pseudonym for him for the purposes of this blog. 

So, meet Biff, my adorable boyfriend:

OK, Biff doesn’t really look like Biff here, but it is him.  I swear.
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One Response to Introducing …. Biff!

  1. Fannie says:

    Oh, THIS is hysterical…only because we had a landscaping guy whose name was Bryce, but he was so Biff-ish, that every member of our family called him Biff…and no, he’s not been our landscaping guy for quite some time…just super hard to take a guy named Biff seriously, even if that isn’t even his REAL name…

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