I Am Not Cheap; I Am Frugal

I refuse to believe that I am cheap.  Yes, I love a good deal.  Yes, I will spend money on something if I think it is warranted.  Yes, I will bend over and pick up a penny (only 99 more to go!).  Yes, OK, maybe I am cheap.

I don’t like to buy things brand new.  If you look around my house, almost everything in it was either a gift or bought used.  This all started when I was in high school.

When I was growing up in Idaho, there was a local thrift store called Deseret Industries, but we just called it The DI.  I don’t know; does this place still exist?  I bought all of my clothes there.  Probably because every time I bought something new, brought it home, and showed my dad, the response I would normally get was: “How much you pay for dis?  Twenty-five cents.  No?  You pay too much!” Then he would snap his newspaper and get back to the more important things in life: reading about his soccer team.

But I love(d) the thrill I got when I bought something on sale.  I love the fact that I am using something that someone else didn’t want anymore.  I love the fact that I am saving money.  It helped a lot that when I was in high school, the trend was grunge, and you couldn’t buy grunge in the store.  You HAD to get it at a thrift store.  Or off a homeless person.

But now that I am older, and grungy thrift clothes is not acceptable work attire, I still try to find my clothes at Savers or other thrift stores here in the Reno/Sparks area.  Or even at garage sales!  I got a sweet down jacket, brand new, for $1!  ONE DOLLAR!  Love it.

So yes, maybe I am cheap.  I like to think of myself as frugal, though.  And this will lead me nicely to next week’s topic: my new secret addiction.  And no, it isn’t shopping.

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