What? I’m Supposed to Do What? EVERY DAY?

There are certain things we all do every day: brush our teeth, eat something, sleep, talk on our cell phones.  And even these things we sometimes don’t do EVERY day. Especially when we are in college.  Sleeping at night kinda loses its appeal for some reason, and I believe that reason is called BEER.

But now I have taken on a new daily challenge: scrapbooking a picture (or set of pictures) every day.  Yes, yes.  EVERY day.  The theme is The Days of December, and for someone who doesn’t even decorate her house for Christmas, this might be somewhat of a challenge.

Miss Fae has been forcing helping me with this challenge, and gave me some ideas for each day.  And I happy to say I even thought of a few on my own!  You can take a gander at what I have accomplished so far this month here.

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2 Responses to What? I’m Supposed to Do What? EVERY DAY?

  1. Fae says:

    Waiting for some more of your wonderful layouts…I wish I could read the journaling!

  2. Fannie says:

    LOL…I feel your pain, oops, I mean “delight” regarding this little December challenge of Ms. Fae’s … I’m doing my darnedest to keep up…I only wish I felt more savvy with the digital layouts so that I could post something a little more appealing to the eye then just a photo with a caption…perhaps I’ll be able to squeeze in a little PSE refresher during a long layover in the Dallas airport…

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