Weekend Projects

A few years ago, I got this bright idea (insert light bulb lit up) to hand make our very first grandchild’s Christmas stocking to hang here with ours.  Ahhhh.  Sweet thought, isn’t it?  I found one I liked at the Bucilla site and they entitled it ‘Weekend Project’.  In college while working a swing shift, I would do sewing projects all the time.  Kept me from going crazy at that particular job.  Also, embroidery was a big deal back then and I learned so many different stitches.  Fast forward to 2008.

This so called Weekend Project was a sinister plot to take your money and make you blind.  And there was no ‘weekend’ about it.  It took me weeks to finish because there were so many minute items to hand sew.  Let’s not forget all the beading and sequinning as well.   I finished the stocking with a few days to spare, sore fingers and all.

2010 arrives with not one but two grandchildren being born.  Aha, I thought.  I’ll order my grandson’s now (March) and then I’ll get it done before my next granddaughter was to be born in June.  Those months came and went.  The stockings were purchased but not made.  Around November of last year, I panicked.  Not one stocking had even been opened, let alone sewn.  I hunkered down and did the first one.  Then with bloody fingers and bleary eyes, I asked my daughter-in-law for special dispensation regarding the making of the stocking for the 7 month old.

Please…I promise to have it made for next Christmas, please, I beg of you.  I just can’t do two stockings in a few days.  She took pity on me, thank God.  Actually, I think her words were more of, ‘you’re crazy to be doing those things anyway!’.

But, hey, if you do it for one, you do it for all.  I think it’s a grandparent’s mantra anyway.  I’m going to show you in a series of shots what gets done in how many hours…of straight on sewing.

This was after six hours.  Kill me now.

This was after seven hours.  This is my nightmare.

And this is the final product after an additional seven hours.

And the instructions?  Take a gander….

 And guess what, campers?  We have another grandbaby due in January.

I would like to take this time to wish each and everyone of you who read our blog a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  You make my day!




About Fae

Although I have other blogs I do for my grandchildren, I felt it wasn't enough to satisfy my inner author. I needed a grownup blog to share things on or rant about. Purely egocentric. Hope you like it.
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5 Responses to Weekend Projects

  1. Anonymous says:

    OMG! It was worth it. That is a beautiful stocking. I can’t wait to see Sammy’s too.

  2. Fannie says:

    LOL…I have no idea how many hours the one I did took (thanks alot, by the way for sending me the link all those months ago to “Weekend Projects”). I have to say, that when I wasn’t pushed for time I actually really enjoyed watching it come together…however, come December 23, 2010 and it still wasn’t done and I’m burning the midnight oil, well, let’s just say I was “over” the warm and fuzzy glow watching my creation take shape…let’s get this done, already! Beautiful job, Fae!

  3. Fean says:

    A few hours of your time and love and these kids will have something to treasure for a lifetime. Amazing Job Fea!

  4. Tiffan says:

    LOL! I am laughing so hard, I nearly wet my pants! Then I said a great big thank you to the Lord above that I received the blessing of Adrianna at 7 years old, and no plans to make one any time soon for her.
    However, that does bring up the nasty subject of the ABC cross-stitch that I started for my first newphew. It sits in a baggie next to my bed. My nephew is now a freshman in college. Maybe I’ll get it done for his first born?


    • Fae says:

      Now you made me laugh!! I have a few of those types of projects as well. I have a Old McDonald’s farm embroidery kit that’s half way finished. It is for my son. FOR WHEN HE WAS A BABY. He now has two children of his own…..I know it will never see the light of day again….

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