Ahh, The New Year. A Clean Slate!

I really detest New Year’s Resolutions.  Mainly because by mid-February, I am so bored with whatever I decided to do that year, that I give up.  I think my main problem is I am too easily bored! (This was always a refrain from my younger years: MOOOOOM!  I’m bored! Her reply: “I’ll find you something to do, and I bet you won’t like it.”  She was right because it always entailed dusting, which I detest.)  So this year, I am trying to just be healthier, and do more fun things.  In many different ways.  That way, if I don’t exercise, but if I ate well, or brushed and flossed my teeth three times that day, then I won’t feel like a failure.  I am calling this my back up plan.

So, this year, I am not “dieting” per se (although Miss Fae’s paleo diet IS intriguing!), I am just cutting back on the things I know are not good for me: diet soda, refined sugars, wheat and corn-based items, and fast food.

For those of you who know me well, the whole giving up diet soda is going to be hard.  I have tried this once before, but I had cigarettes to fall back on as a back up vice.  I quit smoking, and when I gave up carbs completely, I wished it was easy as quitting smoking, because it was that much easier for me!  I made the switch to diet sodas back then, thinking it was a step in the right direction, but now I see that it probably isn’t any better than regular soda.  Sugar and fake sugars are the same, so DAMN! I have to at least cut back to a can a day.  (Because I love soda so much, I drink more than that in a day. Talk about unhealthy!)

Oh, and I guess I should work out more, too.  I have found that I can starve myself all day, eat nothing but healthy, healthy stuff, but if I don’t exercise, my body just converts that good stuff into fat anyway.  So I better do both.

So this year’s blogging will probably contain some healthier recipes from me and tales of exciting things I have decided to do to make myself feel a little more useful on this planet than just a blob of me.

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One Response to Ahh, The New Year. A Clean Slate!

  1. Fae says:

    Yea! Good for you! Sounds eerily familiar like mine: Get Better. We’ll have to keep checking in with each other to see how we’re doing. And if you can…just don’t cut back…cut OUT those grains. You’ll feel tons better.

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