Public Service Announcement

You just never know what little nuggets of information you may walk away with after a little gander here at Idiosyncrazies, do you?

It could be a rant, a review, a crafting how-to or a recipe.

But today, behold, it is a Public Service Announcement! Yes indeed, a Public Service Announcement just for you, our millions of readers.

So, here is the backfill:

I am notorious for attracting cold viruses. If there is a cold virus floating around within five miles of me, before you can say “aaahhhhh choooo!” that cold virus has taken up residence in my upper respiratory system. This has become particularly problematic since, oh, about February 2010, when this little person, whom we fondly call our grandson, came into this world and our lives. The problem is, that our little guy lives in Oklahoma; we live in Oregon. A grandmother still needs to see her grandson on a regular basis, regardless of the fact that he lives halfway across the country. To get from Oregon to Oklahoma efficiently (well, barely efficiently, we are talking Medford to Lawton, after all) one must fly on a plane. And since Mr. Fannie and I have not yet hit the lottery, we must fly commercial (:::gasp::: say it isn’t so!). And you know what they say about what nasty germ incubators those planes can be!

So, yes, I am that person who, loaded down with sanitizing wipes, begins sanitizing the plane starting with the cockpit; wiping the armrests, the tray table, the air vents, the window (even if I’m not in the window seat; “Excuse me sir, while I do some sanitizing of your area here, one can never be too thorough when it comes to germs on a plane!”), you name it, I wipe it. And yet, it just doesn’t (always) seem to work; I still seem to come down with more colds than the average person or traveler between here and Oklahoma.

One season, after a particularly brutal round of colds, my health care professional recommended the “Neti Pot.” She described it as a little teapot sort of contraption that you fill with warm water, dissolve a saline packet in, and then, tipping your head over the bathroom sink, pour this saline solution in one nostril and it flows through your sinuses, coming out the other nostril. “Or, you might want to do this in the shower,” she says, “it can be kind of messy.”

Ha! You have got to be kidding me! I am NOT doing that! That sounds disgusting! And so, I suffered.

And then, the cold and flu season of 2011 settled in. I wanted to get a jump on things and so I got my annual flu shot. But alas, shortly afterwards, I felt the very beginnings of a cold coming on. I was going to nip this in the bud! I was NOT going down at the hands of a cold! Plus, I had a visit to our favorite Oklahoman coming up! I could not get sick.

And so, there I was, perusing the cold and flu remedies at my local Fred Meyer. Suddenly, the angels began singing and the clouds parted and I stumbled across the Neti Pots; fancy ones, simple ones, plastic ones, ceramic ones, Neti Pots, Neti Pots everywhere. For whatever reason, I pushed back the “ewwwww….that is DISGUSTING” voice in my head and, before I knew it, I was strutting from the store with my purchase in hand. I was now the owner of a Neti Pot.

As God is my witness I WILL NOT come down with a cold again (spoken in my best Scarlett O’Hara impersonation).

Once home, I began reading about my little contraption. I even did a little internet research; going so far as to watch a u-tube video of a guy demonstrating the Neti Pot! Oh my God! What some people won’t do for a little internet airtime!

Ok, I had it down; armed with my Neti pot and my recently acquired vast and extensive knowledge of Neti Pot techniques, I was ready!

I’m gonna flush those germs right outta my nose, I’m gonna flush those germs right outta my nose, I’m gonna flush those germs right outta my nose and send them on their way!

Well, thank GOD, no one had a video recording (or audio, for that matter) of what took place next. I didn’t need to get in the shower…that was for sissies! I’m a Neti Pot Natural; I watched the video! And so, I confidently filled my Neti Pot, dissolving the magic saline solution, I tipped my head, inserting the tiny little spout into my tiny little nostril, tipping and pouring, tipping and pouring…until…

OH MY GOD!!! I am DROWNING!!! Flashbacks of my childhood frolicking in the surf in Southern California came rushing back! Only this time, it wasn’t a wave cresting over my poor suspecting head…it was a teapot! At my own hands! I started spewing and gagging, gagging and spewing, spewing and gagging some more. What the h*&% am I doing here (which I believe were the words being bellowed by Mr. Fannie from the adjoining bedroom, except he didn’t say “h*&%”)? By the way, Mr. Fannie is notorious for having a weak stomach; the mere thought of someone gagging, not to mention the sound, will send him rushing to bow on  his knees to the nearest porcelain God.

But I was NOT to be dissuaded! No way! I went back to the u-tube video; I reviewed the technique; this guy is not gagging and spewing, what is his secret? Is it the angle of the head, the angle of the “receiving” nostril to the ceiling? Hmmm…more research.

And so, the next morning, armed with the Neti Pot, and more research, I strode confidently into the bathroom. I am Woman! You are goin’ down Neti Pot!

And so, I repeated the process. However, this time there wasn’t “quite” so much gagging and spewing, spewing and gagging. I had learned the trick of breathing, very focused breathing, in and out of my mouth AND keeping my forehead down. It’s working, by George, it’s working.

Within a few days, I was a Neti Pot Aficionado! I could probably Neti Pot at a formal sit down dinner and no one would bat an eye! Ok, I exaggerated, just a teeny bit. It IS a weird phenomenon; pouring saline into one nostril, filling your sinuses, until the saline drains from the other. Weird. But, apparently, certain cultures have been “Neti Potting” (or something like it) for centuries. Who knew?

And, guess what…no cold! Nope. Not a one. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

And so, here I am, offering testimonial after testimonial on Neti Pots. I am a Neti Pot Fanatic! Friends and family would start to roll their eyes if some unsuspecting new victim mentioned they felt as if they were coming down with a cold, “Oh no! Here it comes, The Neti Pot Testimonial!”

But, as seems to be the case with most of the vastly popular new concepts, there are naysayers amongst us!

Recently, I was singing the Neti Pot praises to my sister. She’s very educated, leans towards the organic and natural side of things, reads and does extensive research on all kinds of nutrition and natural remedies, I was CERTAIN she would be so proud of me! NyQuil? Advil Cold and Flu? Oh no, not ME! I Neti Pot!

“Haven’t you heard about the Neti Pot?” she exclaims!

“Just recently two people DIED using the Neti Pot! It seems as if they sniffed amoeba into their brains and died!”

“What????” How could this be? My beloved Neti Pot being disparaged in such a way?

And so, I did my own little bit of research. Yes, sadly two deaths did occur, caused by an infection that seems to be traced back to Neti Pot use. Both occurred in the state of Louisiana, where the quality of the tap water was suspect. However, the instructions clearly state that you should use distilled or filtered water AND sanitize the Neti Pot after each use.

And so, here is my Public Service Announcement: I think that the Neti Pot could be the answer to my frequent bouts with the common cold. I mean, just think about it…flushing the germs out before they have a chance to take hold and wreak havoc with the rest of your body? It just makes sense. And, anecdotal or not, I haven’t had a cold yet since I began using it. However, be smart. DO use filtered or distilled water and DO sanitize your Neti Pot after each use (the dishwasher is just fine for this, allow the Neti Pot to air dry completely).

So, there you have it, a Public Service Announcement.

And now, we return to your regularly scheduled broadcast.

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2 Responses to Public Service Announcement

  1. Fae says:

    Oh I’m dying here!!! I’m screaming with laughter!!! I bought a Neti Pot several years ago and haven’t had the cajones to even use it let alone watch a video on how to use it. And right now I’m on the downside of another nasty cold brought to me by my darling grandchildren. Baby germs are mutant germs! Two colds in four months is two more than I normally get all year long. If, and I mean IF, I feel another one coming on, I’ll try the damn Neti Pot. Anything is better than coughing up a lung like I’ve been doing all week long. Fee told me about the Neti Pot years ago because she uses hers DAILY for her allergies! (has Mr. Fannie tried it yet?)

  2. Anonymous says:

    You did a good job you little neti potter you!! I wish Fae would have used it oh about a month and a half ago–maybe by now she would be over this last cold!! She says she will “try it the next time”!! :-/ How is Mr. Fannie doing with it??

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