I Thought My Dad Was Right, But I Don’t Know

I was a very lucky little girl.  I had a young, European daddy and a mommy who loved to travel.  We got to travel to Europe a lot.  About once every four or five years, and I got to know my Dad’s homeland as if it were my own.  It instilled in me a deep love of travel.

When I was about 20, the whole college thing was getting to be a bore.  I wanted to travel, and see the rest of the world!  I, in my infinite wisdom, decided I wanted to drop out of college and become … a travel agent.

Yes, to be a part of the wonderful world of travel!  I would get discounts and offers that I couldn’t refuse.  I got up my nerve and told my dad my plans.

His answer was a resounding NO that I could hear across the state without they use of the telephone.

He said that travel agents weren’t going to be around forever.  He said that people were going to make their own travel plans and people weren’t going to want to pay people extra money to make plans for them.  (Mind you, this was before the age of the Internet.  I knew what email was, but we never used it, and I had a fancy new word processor in my dorm room, so I didn’t need any of those new-fangled things called computers!)

Well, the year after that, the Internet became a household thing, and everyone was booking their airline travel online and purchasing e-tickets.  So, Dad was right!  Again.

However, now I am rethinking this.  I am booking tickets for a long-anticipated trip to the Basque Country, and I am having a HELL of a time figuring this stuff out!  Nothing makes sense.  Why is it cheaper to fly from Reno to Spain than it is to fly from Denver?  More flights for less money?  I have no idea.  So I have a call in to a travel agent (a friend of a friend.)  And this is actually a call out to those of you out there who do this for a living:  HELP!  I am at a complete loss as to what the hell is going on in the airline industry, but I know why they are losing money: Lack of organization.

So, now I am thinking maybe Dad wasn’t right.  Maybe I SHOULD have gotten a dual major: English Lit AND Travel Agent Extraordinaire.  Because I sure could use the help right now!

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2 Responses to I Thought My Dad Was Right, But I Don’t Know

  1. Fae says:

    Did you call Linda?

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