Can You Guess the Connection?

Have you figured it out yet? Any guesses???

I’ll wait…

Still waiting….

Ok, I know we don’t have all day…

These are my BUCKET LIST items! Yes indeed! As it stands today, January 18, 2012, these are the things I would love to do before I…well, you know…

:::shhh::: whispering here…

(in tiny little font)

kick the bucket…

And the photos, above, (in case you can’t figure them out) represent the following:

1. Attending a performance of the Christmas Spectacular performed by the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall in New York City (preferably with my daughter; she and I have been awestruck by the Rockettes her entire life; back when she was just a little aspiring tap dancer, she even had the opportunity to “study” with a former Rockette).

2. An Alaskan Cruise. I would LOVE to see the magestic glaciers. Of course, if tragedies continue to befall the cruise industry as they have recently, I may be looking for a travel companion other then Mr. Fannie; he’s not crazy about the concept of a cruise to begin with, let alone one piloted by a captain who is one of the first to jump ship!

3. Attend a performance conducted by Andre Rieu, The Waltz King. This is a recent addition; very recent, as a matter of fact. I saw a segment about him on CBS Sunday Morning and got goose bumps! I knew I would love to see him conduct his orchestra LIVE. It could be in Arnhem, The Netherlands, or it could be in the good old USA, I just want to waltz in the aisle.

4. Attend a King Arthur Flour master baking school class. If I treat my sister nicely and buy her a lovely birthday present, I may have a little bit of an inroad on this one, it might happen sooner then some of the others (Terri, are you reading?).

5. Ride the London Ferris Wheel. Yes, my family may laugh out loud at this one, knowing my “hesitancy” to ride on anything higher above the ground then a playground swing (don’t ask how I managed to snowski for many, many winters, realizing that snowskiing involved getting on a wildly swinging chair contraption that didn’t have seat belts!), but it just looks so darned cool. And, it would mean that I made it to Europe; something I have yet to do.

6. Visit the Louvre. Yes, I think that could tie nicely with #5, above. That is, of course, if they can peel my death grip off of the handlebar on the ferris wheel. There IS a handlebar, isn’t there?

7. Chase Guy Fieri across the country, attending the various Diners, Drive-ins and Dives he has reviewed in his books and on his show. We (Mr. Fannie and I) have already discussed this one. It will involve us winning the lottery so that we can quit our jobs and purchase a *B.A.F.S. motorhome. We’ll get one of those maps of the U.S. and mark each state in which we have eaten at a Triple D restaurant. We already figured out that, in order to avoid gaining 300 pounds each during this excursion, when we reach one of our destination restaurants, we will continue to drive a mile away from it; that way we’ll log a 2 mile walk to and fro. Should work, dontcha think?

8. Attend the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in NYC; I think this can dovetail nicely into bucket list item #1, don’t you think? Let’s pray for a calm wind day.

9. Attend Disneyland or Disney World (depending on which coast the other participants are currently residing on) with my grandchild(ren). Having grown up in Southern California, I have been to Disneyland more times then I can count. However, there is NOTHING like sharing the Most Magical Place on Earth with a little one’s first time visit.

10. Learn to play the piano. Now, truth be told, if I REALLY wanted to do this, there is nothing to stop me. I have a most beeeuuuteeful piano right here in my own family room and I have access to quite a roster of local musicians; I just need to commit to it. If I don’t, before I know it, my daughter is going to insist that the piano be shipped to her in order for HER children to learn to play, as she and her brother learned to play on the very same piano.

And so, there you have it…Fannie’s Bucket List…check back in about ten years and we’ll revisit how many of these we can check off the list…

May you have your OWN bucket list…we all need to dream, do we not?

*B.A.F.S. definition: Big Ass Fancy Schmancy

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2 Responses to Can You Guess the Connection?

  1. Fae says:

    I’ve know about a few of these things…the Rockettes (as another mother who’s daughter also ‘studied’ under a former rocket. as much as a 5 year old can ‘study’!). I’ve recently found out about your fetish with Guy Fieri and it’s not hard to guess that you’d love to go to a KA baking school. Since you are the only one I know who looks forward to watching the Macy’s day parade, this was a no-brainer and of course Disneyland (or Dingy-land as McKenna called it) with the grands…..But the things I’ve been surprised by is the WALTZ KING! and the CRUISE! I’ve never heard of the Waltz King…any relation to Lawrence Welk? (teehee) Cruising is tons o’fun! But it can get a little boring at times when you can’t go on day tours and you’re just sitting around on the ship. Just let us know when you’re ready to go on one and we’ll join you!

  2. Anonymous says:

    So glad you clarified B.A.F.S. ~ I love it! I think your bucket list sounds like there are some AMAZING adventures in your future. Perhaps with the Culvers being in DC items #1 and #8 could happen in the next 3 years or so.

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