Up, up and away….

…in my beautiful balloon.  Been there done that.  But what does 1960’s kitschy lyrics have to do with today’s dissertation?  It is the general theme running in my bucket list.

What’s that?  Don’t have one?

I never thought I did either until I saw that movie with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman.  At that point, I guessed we all had one but have never put pen to paper about it.  And today I will be putting pen to paper, or rather virtual pen and paper to it.

As I thought about it and crystalized actual ‘doings’ to list, I realized that the majority of what I’d like to do someday out there, is related to the air.  Being up in that air in different ways.

This isn’t in any particular order and I reserve the right to edit or outright delete items should I come to my senses.

  • Learn how to pilot a helicopter.  I love riding in helicopters!  I love flying in small planes.  I even took up piloting lessons (my first lesson was scheduled for 9/11/01.  It got cancelled.) but I quit the lessons mainly due to the company I was taking them from.  Their planes were less than new; closer to crop dusters thinking back on it now. I became more afraid to go up in them than any student pilot has the right to be.
  • Fly in a glider plane over the Napa Valley.  We’ve already done the ballooning over the area, but wouldn’t gliding over it be as equally beautiful?
  • Run down the side of Burj Khalifa.

Thank you to Tom Cruise for showing me that.  (What?  Tom Cruise references in two sequential posts?  Can’t help it, he’s cute.)  Oh, and I want the Mission Impossible music playing while I do it.

  • (Successfully) wear and operate a wing suit.  I’d probably only do it once.  It would make me look fat.
  • Rappel down a mountainside.  This is different than the running down the buildingside.  Also, I said, down.  I won’t do the climbing up part.  That’s where my helicopter training comes in handy.
  • Sit in the pilot’s compartment during a long flight, just watching and taking it in.
  • Fly in an F14.  Chances are slim and none on this one.  Also, as an aside to this, land/take off on an aircraft carrier.
  • Hang glide.  In the Tetons.
  • Have Peter Pan’s ability (and Tinkerbell’s fairy dust) to just lean in and FLY.  This is perhaps my most treasured Bucket List item I have.
  • Run.  (how pedestrian)
  • Witness the birth of a child.  Yes, I was technically there for the birth of my two but I was distracted ok?  Anyway, I’ll be able to cross this one off here in the next week when my beautiful daughter gives birth to her second child.  She’s invited me to be there!

Now doesn’t it seem odd that most of my list consists of being UP and in the AIR?  Mr. Fae thinks I have a death wish with most of these.  And the Burj Khalifa idea is only a few weeks old.

What’s on your Bucket list?

Second star to the right and straight on til morning,



About Fae

Although I have other blogs I do for my grandchildren, I felt it wasn't enough to satisfy my inner author. I needed a grownup blog to share things on or rant about. Purely egocentric. Hope you like it.
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