I Want to do THAT, and THAT, and THAT!!

I have been so focused on the number one thing on my bucket list, I kinda forgot that I could even put other things on the darn list! So forgive me if my list is a little small; I am sure I will be adding on to it soon enough!

1) Get MARRIED.  I swear to God, I have sat through enough stinking weddings (no offense, they were ALL very lovely) but the entire time, I wanted to stamp my foot and scream, “But I want to get married, TOOOOOOOOOOOO!”  Now I can, so moving on….

Exactly what I want! I think Tyler is cool with it, too.

2) To travel around the world.  I know, many of you are saying, WHAT? You go to Spain all the time!  But the thing is, we go to Spain, and then I have such a wonderful time, I never leave!!  Here are some of the places I would actually like to see, besides from inside an airport.

  • Fiji.  Duh.  Cuz it is beautiful.
  • Australia and New Zealand.  Duh. Cuz it is beautiful.
  • Antigua.  Ditto.
  • Italy, France, Great Britain, and Germany.  You know, the biggies! (I have been to London and parts of France, but more, I WANT MORE!)

That’s pretty much it for traveling.  I have a longer list of places I would never set foot in (like India or China).  I’m not racist; I just fear culture shock.

3)  To get a wonderful, powerful camera and learn to take really great pictures.

4) To be able to grow the majority of my own food. And enjoy preparing it and eating it.

5) To dine at either a Tom Colicchio or Tony Bourdain restaurant.  Maybe even to see them.

6) To meet/see Bono in person.  (Lucky Steph got to, now I want to!  Maybe on MY honeymoon!)

6) Learn more about wine.  And less about the AMOUNTS of wine I drink.

7) Invent a time travel machine so I can go back in time and tell myself wise things.  Like when I watched Star Wars for the first time, I could whisper in my own ear: Remember this moment, young Jedi, for it does not get better than this.  Or when I knew Tyler was going to propose, I could tell myself to keep my own fat trap shut.

So, as I mentioned before, I have been so wrapped up in what I thought was impossible (finding that perfect guy to marry) that I kinda gave up on the whole bucket list idea.  Now, though, I have years to add to it.

When I was in high school, the number one thing on my bucket list (before we called it a bucket list) was to be front row at a U2 concert.  Who would have known that I would have been able to do that? Twice!

PS:  Did anyone else notice that Fae REALLY, REALLY wants to fly?!  Almost every one included flying of some sort!!!  And, I did rappel once, and it was amazing!!!

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One Response to I Want to do THAT, and THAT, and THAT!!

  1. Fae says:

    you rappelled? now I’m really jealous.

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