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The other “F” word…

One of the most unexpected surprises about moving to the country, is how difficult it is to carve out time for healthy activities. Oh sure there’s plenty to do, chores galore, as Eva Gabor might acknowledge, but seriously, trying to … Continue reading

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Another Little Book Review

I am sorry about missing last week.  My three-day weekend was busy going to Idaho to see my family, especially my family from New Orleans.  The Fiance (I love saying that!) and I flew to Idaho, and took the long … Continue reading

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Hello? Housekeeping….

Cleaning blogging house today.  A few things that I will catch you up with. I STILL HAVEN’T RUN DOWN THE BURJ KHALIFA.  That’s breaking news, people…breaking news! However, on my bucket list, I can cross off this one: Witness the … Continue reading

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Attitude of Gratitude

Well, hello, Friends! I’m so happy to be part of the (active) Idiosyncrazies Team once again! Our dear friend, Farie, has done a great job of filling in during my absence, hasn’t she?And now, word has it, she is going … Continue reading

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We simplified…

With the recession, the ecomony caused many of us to take stock and re-evaluate our lives and what is truly important. This, along with the fact that we gained a child, made us think that it was a perfect time … Continue reading

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Drunk Chicken

What’s with all these provacative recipes you may ask?  Pure coincidence.  Really.  Trust me.  Would you like some candy, little girl? I got this recipe from one of my most favorite authors in the world, Diana Gabaldon.  Her Outlander series … Continue reading

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A day late…

The following is a post written by our dear friend, Farie “A day late and a dollar short.” This has been my motto for most of my life. I remember while I was in high school, many of my friends … Continue reading

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