I Wouldn’t Wish This on My Worst Enemy

There are many stressful things in life.  Buying a new home.  Going to college.  Finding a job after you graduate from college.  Moving.  Buying plane tickets for a simple trip to Europe.  But I would seriously rather do any of those things – even at the same time! – than plan a wedding.

The entire view-point of everything is skewed.  I mean, just because it is my wedding, does not, in fact, mean that I am going to pay you an obscene amount of money to have it in your supposed fancy place.  Take for instance, any venue at Lake Tahoe.  I am thinking of one specifically in King’s Beach.  I believe it is the King’s Beach Tourism Board.  They have a ROOM, and mind you, an UGLY ROOM, that they want $3000 to rent.  And that includes NOTHING BUT THE ROOM.

Now, don’t get me wrong; the view from this place is nice.  But I am pretty sure my guests are not going to staring out over Lake Tahoe all day and night.  In fact, I am willing to bet good money that once it gets dark, people are going to start looking around the room.  And although I will be gorgeous, nothing (not even Tina Fey’s beauty) will make this room look better.

I shouldn’t be surprised.  Once, my friend and I planned a baby shower for another friend of ours.  There was going to be about 100 people there, and we scoured the Reno/Sparks area, trying to find a reasonably priced place to have this shower.  Finally, we found a place, but it was less than perfect in many ways.  And it wasn’t that cheap.

I guess weddings just aren’t designed for women like me who want to have a beautiful wedding, but don’t want to spend the money for silly things, like a decorator.  Yes, that’s right.  A decorator.  This is a company you hire to come in to the venue and simply decorate the place.  What? The ONE area I KNOW I can save money in is decorations.  I am not going to pay a woman good, hard-earned cash to decorate my wedding and nothing else.  She doesn’t even help coordinate it!  And let me tell you, I may not be a trained decorator, but I can put together something beautiful and classy, and I certainly don’t need to pay a decorator for it.

Now don’t get me wrong.  Would I want a decorator?  Hell, yes!  One less thing I would have to worry about.  However, I am not a princess, Donald Trump’s daughter, or even kinda well off.  In fact, planning a wedding on a budget seems to be pretty much unheard of.  As if my parents are supposed to go diving for galleons to pay for my wedding!  Or sell their furniture or something.

So, would I wish this on my worst enemy?  Hell no!  I would rather go to the dentist than do this.

But I will say two things: It will be worth it, and it will be beautiful.

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