This is How I Spent My Weekend

1) Watched some guys get in a fight at a pizza parlor.  It was like good old Emmett times.

2) Gave away our new dog, much to our current dog’s delight. (And mine.)

3) Took a friend out for Birthday Sushi!

4) Celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with friends, complete with a new-found love for colcannon.

5) Helped Biff’s mom move.

6) Got up early every stinkin’ day in order to do said things.

7) So now I am exhausted!

I hope everyone’s weekends were as eventful!


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3 Responses to This is How I Spent My Weekend

  1. Fae says:

    what happened with the new dog???

    • Felia says:

      Well, he kept digging up our garden beds, and he wasn’t learning not to do that. Then we learned he was pretty aggressive at the dog park and when I took him for a walk. THEN he ate through the fence in the backyard to get to the neighbor’s dog (probably to kill it). Then the same day we gave him to Heather’s mom, we got a notice in the mail about our dog being a neighborhood nuisance and barking all day. And come to find out, Laida hated him. And it is ALL about Laida. I told Tyler, “NO MORE DOGS until we a) come back from Spain, and b) get a GIANT house.” It is now peaceful at our house. 🙂

  2. Fae says:

    oh jeez…what a cluster! How about a hamster? Laida would be sure to like that!!

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