Tag! You’re it!

When my daughter was a baby, and up through her toddler and young child years, she always comforted herself as she was falling asleep by rubbing the satin binding of her blanket between her fingers (she also rubbed it on her nose, not sure why, but for that reason, we called it her “sniffie.”).

Well, apparently, she wasn’t the only toddler in town to do this. Many years later, some observant mommy and/or daddy must have seen the same thing in their own child; only they were much more entreprenuerial then I was. All of a sudden, “taggie” products came on the market; taggie books, taggie stuffed animals and taggie blankies. All had those addictive little satin ribbons on them, just waiting to be rubbed to threads betweeen the fingers of itty bitty ones.

When he was a newborn, my grandson was the recipient of a handmade “taggie” that was made by a dear friend. It’s a perfect, snuggle size; just the right size for the car seat, stroller, baby carrier or just snuggling. He loved it so much! Each nap and nighttime routine involved the “taggie.” My daughter feared that the “taggie” might be lost and that she should have a “back-up taggie” and asked me to find out how our friend had made it and wondered if I could make another.

Hmmm, I just had an “ah ha” moment…I wonder if the back up taggie was really for her???

In any event, I found out that the instructions and supplies were at our local craft store. I was on a mission!

Once I made Parker’s (or Mandy’s) back-up taggie, I was on a roll. I couldn’t resist the plushy fabrics and the satin-y ribbons! Ribbons, ribbons everywhere!

Here are a couple of the fabrics from my stash.

Ribbons? Oh yeah, I have some of those...

Every newborn who came along in the next several months was the recipient of a “taggie.”

Mr. Parker, sound asleep with his taggie

Mr. Parker, sound asleep with his "back up" taggie

Little Miss Joselyn Klatzko, out for a walk in Oklahoma, with her taggie.

And look at this little guy! It looks as if Camden has got the "sniffie" part of the
Taggie down pat!

Recently, we’ve had another baby boom in our tight circle of friends and family. Time to get out the sewing machine and whip up some new “taggies.”

Here are the instructions for making a “taggie”; for new little ones in your lives, or, maybe for yourself. I won’t tell.

1. 2 pieces of fabric were used; each 18″ x 15″ (plushy fleece is best)

2. Several different colors, styles and textures of ribbon (for obvious reasons, do not use wired ribbons). Depending on the width of your ribbon and your personal preference on the spacing (I spaced mine two inches apart), you will need 10-24 pieces of ribbon.

3. Cut ribbons into 4″ long pieces

4. Fold ribbon in half with the raw edges together

Ribbons pinned in place

5. Place on right side of fabric with the loop facing in, pin in place

6. Sew loops in place

7. Place 2nd piece of fabric on top of fabric with ribbon loops right sides together.

Solid orange fabric is placed on printed fabric, right sides together, pinned and stitched.

8. Keep a 3″ area open for turning.

9. When finished, turn right side out and sew 1/4″ from edge around entire blanket.

Here the blanket has been turned, right side out.

And here, the finishing edge has been sewn...

Voila! You have just completed your first taggie! Here are the two I completed this weekend, ready to be packed up, and sent with loving thoughts to the recipients.

...one girl taggie, one boy taggie...such fun!

...one girl taggie, one boy taggie...such fun!

Happy Sewing!


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One Response to Tag! You’re it!

  1. Fae says:

    I made one of these taggies and now I’m due to make another for a little girl. I find that when the baby is around four months old, they hold the taggie by themselves. And that’s the best part!

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