My Birth-Week Begins, and So Does Ours!

Happy Birthday, IdiosynCrazies!  It has been a whole year since we started sharing our lives with you, dear reader, and a lot has happened in that year.  Our blogging skills have improved, not to mention our skills for sharing media!  We added a new contributor, and we, for the most part, kept pretty consistent with our posts.  All in all, a good blogging year for us!

So, salutations are in order, IdiosynCrazies!  And I will share with you all a picture of what Biff got me for my birthday.  This, apparently, is the first installment of my birthday gifts, which is how it should be, in my honest opinion.

This gift is perfect for me.  It speaks to me organization skills (OCD), and to my short stature, because now everything is within reach.  I no longer have to get the stool out to get to my spices!!!

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One Response to My Birth-Week Begins, and So Does Ours!

  1. Fae says:

    Happy birthday Eve. This will be the very last day that you’ll ever be ________(fill in the appropriate age)! I’m glad someone other than me is pushing to have a weekly birthday celebration…just can’t get Mr. Fae to agree to it!

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