Army “Brats”

First of all, as a couple of my co-authors have already mentioned, we are celebrating Birthday Week here at Idiosyncrazies! Not only is one of our authors celebrating a “birthday week” but it was one year ago that two of us were hornswoggled by a third into co-authoring a blog. And, the “hornswoggler” was able to coerce yet another victim into her little web.

In it’s infancy, we agreed that the topics could be all over the board (and they have been). We’ve discussed current events, current rants, favorite recipes, various aspecst of aging (gasp!) and our multitude of obsessions (scrapbooking and organizing spice cabinets comes to mind). We’ve celebrated and we’ve grieved. We’ve even had give-aways; who can forget the cookie exchange! All in all, I think our little experiment has been a success and, I for one, look forward to our next year, here at Idiosyncrazies. Bring on the Terrific Twos!

Happy 1st Birthday, Idiosyncrazies!

Happy Birthday to Us!

And now…on with our regularly scheduled programming.

When my grandson was born, one of the gifts given to my daughter and son-in-law was a beautiful framed poem. The gift was given to them by one of my son-in-law’s commanding officers and his wife. The subject of the poem is “Army Brat.”

Let me indulge myself by posting it here…

I am an Army Brat. My hometown is nowhere, my friends are everywhere. I grew up with bugle calls and artillery salutes and the knowledge that home is where the heart is and the family…with no dependence on the dwelling.

Mobility is my way of of life. Some would wonder about my roots, yet they are as deep and strong as the mighty oak’s. I sink them quickly, absorbing all an area offers and hopefully giving enrichment in return.

Travel has taught me to be open. Shaking hands with the universe, I found a brotherhood in all men.

Farewells are never easy. Yet, even in sorrow comes strength and an ability to face tomorrow with anticipation. And if when I leave one place I feel that half my world has been left behind, I also know that the other half is still waiting to be met.

Friendships are formed in hours and kept for decades. I will never grow up with someone, but I will mature with many. Be it inevitable that paths part, there is constant hope that they will meet again.

Love of country, respect and pride fill my being when Old Glory passes in review. As I stand to honor that flag, so also do I stand to honor all soldiers, most especially to the man whose life created mine…my father. Because of him I have shared in the rich heritage of Army life.

When I first read it, I was moved to tears. And today, the tears return. For, tomorrow, my dear grandson, along with his mommy and daddy will leave all that is familiar to him and head out on the next adventure. He says “good-bye” to friends he has known “his whole life.”

Parker meets the Crooks Girls; his first friends!

Friends forever...

Celebrating Birthdays together...Joselyn was first!

Joshie, also an "Army Brat" loves Parker's birthday cake! Joshie and his family have already moved to Kansas, shortly before Parker leaves for Washington D.C.

It makes me realize, once again, that it is not just the soldier who sacrifices and gives so much in choosing to serve, it is the family who follows with him.

God Speed and safe travels, Culver Family, as you head out towards your new adventure. And to those families, who I have had the privilege of getting to know in Oklahoma, I hope our paths cross again. In the meantime, please accept my profound thanks for watching out for my precious ones. I’ve said it before, but the pain of having my daughter and her family so far from home is lessened by the knowledge that they have loving friends around them.

Until we meet again…

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  1. Stac says:

    Beatiful post Patti.


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