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Meatloaf, the other fruitcake…

Ah, meatloaf. It gets nearly as bad a rap as fruitcake. When I was growing up, my Mom made a meatloaf that was all ground beef and not much else. I don’t really remember what all the ingredients were in … Continue reading

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Ann Lander’s Meatloaf

Yes, you read it right:  Ann Lander’s Meatloaf.  My mom got this recipe out of the newspaper when I was little, and we have been making this meatloaf ever since.  And I am pretty sure that no one cares about … Continue reading

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What’s cookin’ this week?

We’ve fired up the IdiosynCrazies test kitchens again, folks.  We just knew that you were hankering for some nice cozy comfort food.  The weather around here is a little psychotic, not knowing if it wants to be nice or gray … Continue reading

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Happy birthday, IdiosynCrazies! You’re ONE!

It’s our birthday and I got the present! Our blog, IdiosynCrazies has turned a milestone in its history by being one year old.  And, boy, what a year! One of us got engaged. One of us suffered a horrible accident. … Continue reading

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Army “Brats”

First of all, as a couple of my co-authors have already mentioned, we are celebrating Birthday Week here at Idiosyncrazies! Not only is one of our authors celebrating a “birthday week” but it was one year ago that two of … Continue reading

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The Birthday of our Blog

One year ago today, the IdiosynCrazies Blog was born. In 1997, a gentleman by the name of Jorn Barger, created the term “weblog”, which Peter Merholz nicknamed, “blog”, a couple of years later. According to Wikipedia, “A blog (a portmanteau of … Continue reading

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My Birth-Week Begins, and So Does Ours!

Happy Birthday, IdiosynCrazies!  It has been a whole year since we started sharing our lives with you, dear reader, and a lot has happened in that year.  Our blogging skills have improved, not to mention our skills for sharing media! … Continue reading

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