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National Parks of Utah

If you are a frequent reader here at IdiosynCrazies, you will know that Mr. Fae and I traveled to Utah to attend (yet) another family reunion.  I don’t know why we even call them reunions either.  Yes, we ‘reunion’ but … Continue reading

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What 3 Wonderful Things Have Befallen You, Praytell?

Superstitions…why do people believe in them, I have to ask? Seriously, if you break a mirror, 7 years bad luck are sure to follow? Something bad will happen if you step on a crack in the sidewalk or if you walk … Continue reading

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Did You Know…?

I was perusing this morning, and I came across a review of a local restaurant, and the woman was ranting and raving because they said “prawns” on the menu, but “shrimp” came out on her plate.  I thought, “Well, … Continue reading

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It’s me again

…and still not being able to load photos for you to see.  I have a long narrative for you but it will have to wait until this weekend and I return home.  To my magical iMac…until then… Wagons Ho! Fae

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Happy Mother’s Day, Everyone!

I am willing to bet, although many of us do not have children, we have a young one in our life that we have affected, nurtured, soothed, consoled or laughed with once or twice.  So, this day I would like … Continue reading

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Run to the Ranch

The Run is done in May of each year to an itby bity town in Utah.  I love this place.  Most of my cousins show up for this Run.  What do we do here?  Thanks for asking.  Well, we catch up … Continue reading

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Well, Duh.

Yesterday I went to lunch at Wendy’s.  I had a hamburger, medium fries and a medium diet soda.  I ate almost 1000 calories in one sitting without even really thinking about it.  Or being that full afterwards. Today I had … Continue reading

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