Well, Duh.

Yesterday I went to lunch at Wendy’s.  I had a hamburger, medium fries and a medium diet soda.  I ate almost 1000 calories in one sitting without even really thinking about it.  Or being that full afterwards.

Today I had for lunch the following:  an orange, 1/2 cup of strawberries, a Chobani yogurt, two veggie sausage patties, some crackers and cheese, and a diet Pepsi. 

For half the calories.

As I write this, I am not so full I want to puke (which I have done before….gorging myself on Basque food) but I am not hungry, and this is about two hours later.  Yesterday after this time, I was starving, wanted a snack, preferably chocolate, and sat around feeling sorry for myself because I ate almost the day’s calories in one setting.

We wonder why people in America are obese.  I have been eating smaller portions at McDonald’s and Wendy’s and In and Out for years, thinking, if I just eat LESS, it will be all good.  I’m not saying that it isn’t delicious, because it is, but it is certainly full of empty calories.  I mean, ONE THOUSAND?!  Why did I not know this before?  That eating a burger and fries and, well, we can forget the soda, because it was diet, was worth practically my daily allotment in calories?  Blech.  Makes me sick thinking about it.  Which isn’t to say I won’t eat a Quarter Pounder with cheese next week, because those things are delish!  But I guess what I am saying is that I have never counted a calorie in my life before, so I didn’t know how bad it really was.  I mean, I only exert x amount of calories, but I am taking in x+y+z amount of calories, without even knowing it.  Pisses me off.

People have been telling me I need to eat more calorie-light foods, and then that way my body will be fuller for longer.  I always scoffed, and thought, “There is no way I can survive on broccoli with olive oil spritzed on it.  I will die.  DIE!”  Because I will be hungry.  And that is MY Diet Demon: Hunger.

If any of you have seen me when I am hungry, it is not a pleasant sight.  Once, on vacation with my sister and her new husband, we were looking for a place to eat.  We were in the shopping district of Bilbao, Spain, and I was hungry, and getting hungrier by the second.  It was siesta time, so nothing was open: no shops, no bars, nothing.  And there wasn’t a soul in sight.  After hearing me complain about how hungry I was for about an hour, Mr. Sister said, “Well, you are just going to have to wait until something opens up.”  And I screamed, “I AM SO HUNGRY I COULD EAT MY RIGHT ARM!!! And I’ll have you know, I AM RIGHT HANDED!” 

For some reason, he has been very conscious of my hunger pains ever since. 

The moral of this story: never let me get hungry.  Or too full for that matter.  Neither one is very pleasant.

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3 Responses to Well, Duh.

  1. Fae says:

    You also know now that you need protein with each meal and you feel better longer. But the biggest way to lose the weight is when your brain says ‘it’s time’. Once that happens, your body falls in line….

  2. Farie says:

    LOL, Felia, no one can put it quite the way you do. Fae, what do you mean when your brain says “it’s time?” Time to eat smart, or just time to eat (when you have hunger pains)?

    • Fae says:

      It’s when your brain decides that eating for health not just weight loss is the way to go. You might want to ‘try’ a new diet, but just to ‘try’ isn’t going to get you to achieve success. It’s as if a switch is thrown in your brain that there’s no more screwing around, it means business. If you put out there, ‘I need to lose weight for the upcoming holidays or by summer or a New Year’s resolution…that’s not the way to go. If you truly want to change how you look, you start NOW. Put aside without regret the foods you know don’t work well with your digestion/metabolism. If you can’t do that, your brain isn’t ready…..

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