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The Loss, part two

If you missed the first part of this narrative, please start here.  Otherwise, here is more of the story. All were heartsick and terrified now.  ‘Sit and wait’ is a job for statues not people.  No longer was everyone thinking … Continue reading

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Once….Never Again…

Today I found myself musing about some of the things I had done in my life that I have tried, with poor or unpleasant results. I don’t recall what made me go on this thinking tangent, but here are a … Continue reading

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Don’t Mind the Lady Laughing While She Works Out

There are two things that help me get through a workout: good music and good books.  This morning, I was listening to some good music on my U2 iPod, and reading I Love Everybody by Laurie Notaro.  This woman is seriously … Continue reading

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We call it Chicken Crack

Some others may call it something less descriptive like Buffalo Wings Dip, but whatever you prefer to call it, just make it, ok?  This is one hella good appetizer that you’ll be A. eating all of it yourself on the … Continue reading

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Memoirs and My Love-Hate Relationship With Them

I read a lot of books.  And I keep it all organized on, mainly because my OCD mind likes to organize things and keep lists of them.  It makes me feel good about the world. On said website, I … Continue reading

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Yosemite National Park

Ok, I’ll admit it, the way we camp really isn’t camping in the strictest sense of the word.  Hot and cold running water, showers, inside toilets, microwave, washer, dryer, residential size refrigerator….doesn’t sound like camping, right?  In our defense, we … Continue reading

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Are You Normally a Jerk, or Did Someone Die?

A little over 6 years ago, I lost my father to cancer. Of course this was painful, but as cancer goes, you get a chance to prepare and are given time to say good-bye. My Dad was so thoughtful and … Continue reading

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