Let’s Think Before We Click the Comment Button

This week, I was faced with a dilemma.  One that took me days to work though and decide what I was going to do.  Do I respond to an internet troll making comments about me?

I thought about it and contemplated. And now I see this general asshattery everywhere!  It saddens me.  Why can’t people just think before they hit the comment button!?!

Everyone should think: “Would I say this to their face if they were here, or am I hiding behind this computer screen/made up name/fake picture?”

I often write reviews for businesses and post them on Yelp.  I recently wrote a review of a local bridal shop that gave me less than stellar customer service, and I wanted to share the experience.  A fellow Yelper (from here on known as Troll), started a thread entitled “Micaela and her Wedding.”  In this thread, Troll asked why in the world would I want to be engaged for over a year?  Why not get married sooner?  Apparently, Troll thinks everyone should do everything (especially get married) in EXACTLY the same way HE did, or envisions himself doing it. 

After thinking about it, I don’t think I would have been as offended if he hadn’t entitled the whole damn thing “Micaela and Her Wedding.”  I don’t know why, but the title got to me.  THEN he had to go and ask questions that were none of his business, and frankly, just kind of creepy.  I mean, why would a complete stranger care how long I am engaged for?  I don’t give a crap about other people’s engagements, or weddings, or other things.  Why even put it in writing!?!?  Maybe this is the English professor in me:  KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE, FOLKS!

Like I said, general asshattery.

Now, at first I was so pissed off I was shaking.  I posted it on the tried and true Facebook, and waited to see where I stood.  The final consensus was that he was rude.  Duh. 

But here is my concern with our society today and social media outlets and web articles and the damn comment section:  people write the stupidest things!  On OUR little blog here, people actually post comments that are RELATED to the article, thank goodness.  But I read a lot of online articles from various newspapers.  And the comment sections are always FILLED with stupid, inane comments of misinformed people who INSIST they are right.  Apparently, people think posting rude comments is ok. 

Obviously, these people should just start their own blog.  You get what you put out there, and I think we should all just think before we hit the comment button!

Thank you.  Now.  Comment away.

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4 Responses to Let’s Think Before We Click the Comment Button

  1. Farie says:

    Hear, hear! I couldn’t agree more. The title really was bad….but I have to wonder…is Troll married? Sounds jealous (wierd for a guy) and makes me wonder how involved he was in his wedding. Wierd and rude.

  2. Fae says:

    Two things…1. please don’t stop Yelping. I read yours and Flynn’s Yelp posts and they have never steered me wrong. I count on them. Consider it your public duty. 2. Having been a recipient of an uncalled for filthy comment on one of the baby’s blogs, I know exactly how you feel. Much like being picked out of the entire class to recite a poem while unprepared, it does knock you for a loop. I did read the original Yelp post and then his when you brought it to light. Two lessons were learned here, I think. He probably won’t do that again to anyone since the tables were turned on him with others telling him “….you have to plan early for wedding, Asshat.” And you learned a lesson as well. When your forum is blogging or Yelping, it is public and as such open to the views of the world, good or bad. Chalk it up to bad manners and then let it go. Letting him get under your skin and pissing you off is one. Letting him get under your skin and remaining there, is not healthy. He is a scab and should fall off, with you forgetting that it was ever there. xoxoxox

  3. nancycg56 says:

    I think the internet invites the anonymous rude comments from people who would never say things like this in the real world ~ makes them bolder. It was rude and it was probably done just to get under your skin. I’m sorry!

  4. Felia says:

    Thanks for the kind words! I won’t be quitting Yelp, as I enjoy it too much. However, I will be refraining from threads and comments for some time, possibly for good, because I just don’t see people behaving like well-mannered adults. It is pretty much a high school popularity contest anyway, and I gave that up a long time ago! HAHA

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