We call it Chicken Crack

Some others may call it something less descriptive like Buffalo Wings Dip, but whatever you prefer to call it, just make it, ok?  This is one hella good appetizer that you’ll be A. eating all of it yourself on the kitchen floor or B. impressing your guests with.  I’ve done both.  The ingredients are incredibly simple and few.  You may just have them all in your refrigerator right now.  So get ‘cracking’….I ‘crack’ myself up….all the time.

I’m hopeless.

No, not really, but my sense of humor gets ahead of me and doesn’t know when to stop.

Ok, I’ll stop now.

Here is the alphabetical listing of the very few ingredients:

Frank’s Hot Sauce, Ranch Dressing, chicken, cream cheese.

Haha…got you…it’s not in alphabetical order.

See what I mean?

1,2,3,4 ingredients…so easy

You can use rotisserie chicken like I did from the deli and merely chop up the two breasts.  You won’t need any more chicken than that so the drumsticks and thighs are a bonus.  Score!  Make sure that your cream cheese is at room temperature for easier mixing.

teeny tiny pieces, people….

Chop into very small pieces or if the deli chicken is still warm (mine wasn’t) you can shred it and it will turn out very nicely.

Mix all ingredients into a mixing bowl…it’s much easier than mixing it by hand.

and finally add the chicken

Mixing it with a mixer takes about two minutes tops.  See how fast this is coming together?  You’ll be able to do both; eat half of it while sitting in the corner of your kitchen and the remainder can be served to your guests.


Pop it in the oven for 25 minutes or until the top of it starts to brown up a bit at 350F.

and voila!

Serve with crackers or fresh veggies or use your fingers.

Here it is:

Chicken Crack

8 oz cream cheese, room temperature

1/2 cup Frank’s hot sauce

1/2 cup Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing

2 cups diced/shredded cooked chicken

(optional and not shown: 1 cup grated cheese of your choice, cheddar or jack spread over the top of the dip prior to baking)

Mix all ingredients in mixing bowl until smooth with only chicken chunks showing.  Bake in a 350F oven for 25-30 minutes until top becomes golden brown.

Hope you enjoy this as much as we do!




About Fae

Although I have other blogs I do for my grandchildren, I felt it wasn't enough to satisfy my inner author. I needed a grownup blog to share things on or rant about. Purely egocentric. Hope you like it.
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One Response to We call it Chicken Crack

  1. Felia says:

    Oh, holy God, that looks AMAZING. I am totally going to eat this. By myself. In front of the TV. YUMMY!!!!!

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