Don’t Mind the Lady Laughing While She Works Out

There are two things that help me get through a workout: good music and good books.  This morning, I was listening to some good music on my U2 iPod, and reading I Love Everybody by Laurie Notaro. 

This woman is seriously funny.  Like laugh out loud funny.  I should have known better than to bring this book to the gym, where most people want to suffer…err, I mean, exercise, in peace and quiet.  But I couldn’t help myself.  I really, really want to read this book, and every morning I get 40 minutes solid of good reading time!  So I brought it.  And I was laughing out loud like a maniac.  Picture it:  me, sitting on a stationary bike, pedalling as fast as my little legs can, going nowhere, laughing out loud.  It was a sight.  And I am sure I pissed off someone.

Here is what made me laugh so hard.  Let me set the scene.  Laurie is describing a trip to the emergency room.

“This was the moment that my mother had devoted a majority of her lifetime to prepare me for; the time had finally come.  And I had failed miserably.  Earlier that morning, I had chosen foolishly.  I had spotted a 1998 model, barely gray pair of panties in my underwear drawer, but instead had gone for the ones with little more than a rubber-band waist holding up something of a loincloth. As I had stepped into them and they flapped around my ankles like a hula skirt, I remembered thinking, ‘It’s Sunday.  Who is going to see these besides my husband?  It’s not like I’m going to be exposing myself to the world, is it?’ 

Now I had my answer. And it was YES.”  

Then she goes on to describe how once they put the Demerol in, she didn’t really care that she had her “shaggy” underwear on…oh, wait, they had cut them off and now her cookie was exposed to the world!

Like I said, laughing my butt off!  So, the next time you see someone reading a book and laughing, stop and ask them what they are reading; you never know how much you might end up laughing, too!

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