The Loss, part two

If you missed the first part of this narrative, please start here.  Otherwise, here is more of the story.

All were heartsick and terrified now.  ‘Sit and wait’ is a job for statues not people.  No longer was everyone thinking that a stranger had taken him.  He had become the stranger.  His employer had to take over his job that day along with making calls and talking to his employee’s parents.

“Why?”, he asked himself.  ‘Why did he get to this point?  I would have helped!”  He scrambled to come up with answers.  He made the decision to audit the employee’s records and accounts.  Although daily balancing was a standard operating procedure, the employee, it turned out, had been robbing Peter to pay Paul.

Then the awful call came in.

“They found him.  He’s being airlifted to the hospital now.  He’s been shot.  He’s alive.”

Did they find his car and his cash bag?  Yes, the car was found in a ditch.  The bag was empty.  The highway patrol would have it towed into town.

Meanwhile, the black awfulness was roiling in the workplace.  All co-workers were astounded.  More and more money came up missing.  The state investigative bureau was notified.  The company was shell-shocked.

“Can we get all the location’s video tapes?” and would it show him embezzling?

Can we prove that he stole from the company?  And why would he do this to us?

Days passed until finally, the employee could receive visitors in his hospital room.  He had his mother there when the employer walked in.  Silence permeated the room.  The employer said hello.  They stared at each other without another word spoken.  The hospital machines went wild with blood pressure alarms going off.  The nurses came in.  All visitors must leave.






About Fae

Although I have other blogs I do for my grandchildren, I felt it wasn't enough to satisfy my inner author. I needed a grownup blog to share things on or rant about. Purely egocentric. Hope you like it.
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2 Responses to The Loss, part two

  1. Hurry! I can’t wait to read the next part! Love this!

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