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Meat. Lots and Lots of Meat.

Today, I am going to reminisce about the food that I already miss from Our European Vacation, which was just actually Our Spanish Vacation, and I can say that because we actually set foot in Spain this time, not just … Continue reading

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Aubergine Soup

La de dah…pretty fancy schmancy name for plain ol’ eggplant soup, right? The first time that I heard of eggplant soup I did a head tilt.  Eggplant Soup?  That sounded intriguing to me.  I looked at so many different recipes … Continue reading

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And….We’re Back

OK, some highlights only today because the jet lag got to me and I was sound asleep at 8:00 pm last night.  These are only from the first part of the trip.  Enjoy, and more to come.

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Basic Pesto

Many years ago, my mom introduced me to the wonders of basil pesto.  She would make gnocchi covered in it along side of sauteed chicken livers.  Oh yes I do eat liver.  I love chicken liver.  I know, I know, … Continue reading

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Coming Soon to a Blog Near YOU!

I will be home next weekend (YIPPIE!) and so you are just going to have to hold tight until then in order to get your fix from me!  Until then, agur eta musu danak handi bat! (That means, Goodbye and … Continue reading

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Oh! So that’s what that button does!

A while back, a couple of us were talking about cameras and photography and taking better pictures.  I remarked that I really needed to pay better attention to the lighting around me.  I really hated seeing yellow tint to my … Continue reading

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While I’m Away…in the Basque Country

You poor, poor dedicated blog readers.  You are going to have to suffer through a few posts of mine in which I relate my awesome European travels.  And this post will be just a little taste of what is to … Continue reading

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