Happy Independence Day!

Odd that my grandparents got married on July 2nd.  Opposite of independence day, wouldn’t you say?

Nevertheless, July the 4th is always a day for celebration in our household, mostly because we celebrate food.  This year, however, I will not be celebrating with our normal trip to the lake (that’s Lake Tahoe), but instead the fiance and I will be sleeping, hopefully through the fireworks, so we can be ready for our 5:50 AM flight OUTTA HERE.  Basque Country, here we come!

So, to honor our country’s independence, we are going to go someplace else and celebrate the fact that I CAN leave and come home.  A few years ago, returning from a different European vacation, I saw the American flag and was overwhelmed with a sense of “home.”

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One Response to Happy Independence Day!

  1. Fae says:

    …and Happy Fourth to you as well….you lucky lucky girl…traveling to Spain!

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