While I’m Away…in the Basque Country

You poor, poor dedicated blog readers.  You are going to have to suffer through a few posts of mine in which I relate my awesome European travels.  And this post will be just a little taste of what is to come!

English is their second language. Ingore the typos.

As I will be playing tour guide a lot this trip, I am trying to think of all the really cool things to see and do.  And also to think of some things that I have never seen before.  I am always surprised at how many things I haven’t seen, as this will be my tenth trip to The Basque Country.  Here are a few things I have been thinking about making sure is on the itinerary.

1) As always, any excursion into Castilian Spain is new to me.  Usually, once we get there, Dad likes to put down roots, visit his friends and NEVER LEAVE.  In fact, when I was younger, I was terrified that Dad was going to convince Mom to move there and I would never see my friends again.  And I would have to learn a new language.  Terrifying to a 10-year-old; thrilling to a 35-year-old. 

Castle in Segovia

2) In trying to find museums that are still cool and interesting, but not just the Guggenheim, I came across a couple that might be interesting.  Although, there is so much history here, that you don’t necessarily have to go to a museum to appreciate it.  you can just walk outside.  Like these prehistoric cave drawings, found just outside Gernika:

Horses! Always horses. Mooooom, can’t we draw anything else but horses?

3) Fiestas!  You all know of the most famous of all Basque fiestas, and that is San Fermine.

Can you find me?

We won’t be going this year to this fiesta, but we will find some of our own, as every village has a fiesta. 

4)  Food, of course!  I plan on eating my way through the Basque Country, starting at my tia’s kitchen table.  Her flan is to die for, and no one can do it better.  NO ONE.  Don’t even try to tell me that someone can beat it.  Because Tia leaves flan for her drunken neice to eat when she crawls home from said fiestas at 5:00am.  That is how Tia rolls.

Square tastes better!

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