Meat. Lots and Lots of Meat.

Today, I am going to reminisce about the food that I already miss from Our European Vacation, which was just actually Our Spanish Vacation, and I can say that because we actually set foot in Spain this time, not just the Basque Country. I am seriously jonseing for some GOOD chorizo.  And by good, I mean Basque.

Photo courtesy of T.

I miss the copious amounts of meat found everywhere, including the candy store.  Because that is where you can find meat flavored chips and candy.  What two-year old doesn’t whine for jamon flavored chips?  Honestly though, meat is everywhere; it literally hangs from the ceiling of pretty much every bar you go to.  And no one complains that it isn’t healthy for meat to be drying in a BAR or not certified USDA.  People just eat it.  And it is delicious. 

My beautiful cousin’s boyfriend of EIGHT years (because that is how they roll) gave Biff and I … ohhh, around 10 pounds of homemade chorizo. That is no exaggeration. His dad owns a restaurant and he makes all his own delicious pork products.  However, this was the night before we were going home, so we packed it up and took it home.  Couldn’t let it go to waste! But then we ended up at the MOST HORRIFIC AIRPORT OF ALL TIME, the Philadelphia Airport.  (See my review here.)  There, they confiscated all of my beautiful, precious pork.  AND THREW IT AWAY IN FRONT OF ME.  I had a feeling that would happen, but it hurt to watch.  A tear came to my eye.  Like that commercial with the Native American crying over the garbage. 

Not the pork! It didn’t do anything to you!

That was me, in the middle of the airport.

My uncle, who was voted by my travel companions as The Nicest Person on Earth, made dinner for us one night.  It consisted of the following:  olives stuffed with anchovies, morcilla (blood sausage), a variety of chorizos, and BBQ lamb chops, with bread, wine, and kalimotxos for drinks.  Vegetables?  What veggies?  Aren’t olives veggies?  They are stuffed with fish.  That isn’t meat.  Now, if Tia had been making dinner, she would have made a salad to come first, but she was on vacation, so we got to skip the filler and go straight to the MEAT. 

So delicious.

The Nicest Oseba (Tio) Ever also took us to a cider house, or sagardotegi. It is a farm where they make Basque apple cider, which is different from your traditional British ciders.  This is more sour, and yeastier.  And not as delicious.  However, this farmhouse has THE most delicious meat ever known to mankind.  And if you think I am kidding, taste fresh, farm-raised, no preservatives used, beef.  It is so amazing, even my own hemophobic mother will eat this beef rare.  It is that good.

When planning our trip, my fellow female travel companion and meat lover, T, said there was a region of Spain that was well-known for its suckling pig.  My ears perked up, and I said, “PIG? Sweet, delicious, baby, never-known-any-other-kind-of-food-but-mother’s-milk pig?  We have to go.”  We went, we saw, we conquered.

This little piglet that died for us was the most delicious thing I have ever had. And it was so amazing, that it might just get its own blog entry.

Another photo courtesy of T.

Last but not least, let us not forget the pintxo, or Basque tapa.  Usually it has a form of meat or fish on it, and you can also find vegetarian ones, too, such as the very famous Spanish Tortilla.  Well, really, I think that is the only vegetarian one, and even then we like to slip some fish or ham in there every once in a while. 

Let’s put it this way:  Biff no longer wonders why I love meat so much.  He knows it is in my bones!!!

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