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Jalapeño Hamburgers

A couple of months ago, my daughter in law was describing to me a new meat mixture that was being sold at her local store.  It was so popular that it always sold out by noon on Saturdays.  Meat mixture … Continue reading

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The Inside-Out Burger

First of all, yes, I’m baaaaaack… A big ol’ thanks to the other authors of Idiosyncrazies for holding down the fort and keeping our blog alive and well during my self-imposed “hiatus for healing.” They are the best! So, as … Continue reading

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Mini Black Jack Sliders

Here at Idiosyncrazies, we have embarked on Burger Week. Well, I wish I could say that I like to deviate from the norm here, but seriously we are normally very BORING and PREDICTABLE when it comes to burgers. So, with … Continue reading

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The Camping Burger

This week here at Idiosyncrazies, we are bestowing upon you our favorite hamburger recipes.  Mine is the all-time favorite: the camping burger.  Now, if you remember one of my previous posts, Biff and I always forget something when we go camping.  This … Continue reading

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Histograms? What are histograms? Do I need a Claritan?

Awhile back I wrote about camera settings, in particular white balance settings.  I’m glad to see that Felia experimented with it and is getting to know her camera a little better.  It really does make a difference in your photos. … Continue reading

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Going Green, or More Ways to Suck Up Your Free Time

In one of my first blog posts I shared that Hubby and I decided to begin living a simpler lifestyle. Well, that was a couple of years ago now, and we’ve become wiser about the catch phrase, “simpler.” First of … Continue reading

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The Divorce Bed

While in the Basque Country, we had the luxury of staying in my grandmother’s (or Amuma’s) apartment.  It was luxurious because it was free.  This flat has been sitting empty for about six months, so I knew to expect some kinks.  I … Continue reading

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